What the gossip mags say

04:04, Sep 16 2013
 Lamar Odom
HEADING FOR SPLITSVILLE?: Khloe Kardashian and her husband Lamar Odom.

The marriage of Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian looks to be on its last legs, while Demi Moore is playing hardball in her divorce with Ashton Kutcher, preventing him marrying Mila Kunis.

These are two of the biggest stories in the gossip mags this week, along with Kate's return to public life following the birth of Prince George.

And away from the crisis-ridden world of celebrity marriage, the New Zealand Women's Weekly reports on the wedding of rowing Olympic medallists Mahe Drysdale and Juliette Haigh.

The big day was not without drama as a forecast for severe weather forced a frantic last minute rush to prepare the woolshed on the couple's Cambridge property for the ceremony.

Drysdale's three groomsmen and other friends were out in pouring rain only hours before the exchange of vows to fix holes in the woolshed roof and hammer down a new floor.

Old carpet was cut into shape with a chainsaw to make an aisle, and a fence was cut down so the bridal car could pull up to the door, the Weekly said.

Rain pelted on the corrugated iron roof as the ceremony started but eased off for a few minutes as the couple, who have been together seven years, walked outside through a guard of honour, with oars held by members of their West End rowing club.

Drysdale, 34, and 30-year-old Haigh, who is taking her husband's surname, are honeymooning at the island of Mahe in the Seychelles Islands.

"We're going to see where my name comes from," Drysdale said.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, 33-year-old basketball player Odom - who is said to be addicted to a range of drugs - is living alone in a downtown apartment, and Kardashian, 29, has told him she will be filing for divorce.

A source told Woman's Day the final straw was Odom's denial that he had a problem.

"Khloe's had enough of Lamar's lies and broken promises," the source said.

Things worsened last week when a third alleged mistress spoke publicly, with tales of Odom cheating during his four-year marriage to Kardashian.

Sandy Schultz, a former girlfriend of Odom, said that during a seedy weekend with the basketballer last year she had a glimpse into his drug use, particularly his habit of smoking painkiller OxyContin, known as hillbilly heroin.

"Lamar was crouched by the toilet, holding a square piece of aluminium foil with a blue pill on it in one hand and lighting it from underneath with the other," Schultz said.

"He was inhaling the smoke through a cigarette-shaped tube in his mouth and he looked sweaty and horrible."

Kardashian was now barely eating, had thrown herself into intense workouts, and had been tested for sexually-transmitted diseases, the magazine said. She had told friends of her relief that she had been unable to conceive with Odom.

As for Kunis, 30, and Kutcher, 35 - they want to marry but Kutcher's ex-wife, 50-year-old Demi Moore, is making it difficult.

Moore was reportedly after half of Kutcher's venture-capital funds, New Idea said. Kutcher owned 20 per cent of a tech start-up investor which was recently valued at US$123.7 million (NZ$151m). Under California law, Moore was entitled to half Kutcher's share.

Kutcher and Moore were seen together for the first time in months leaving the same flight in Los Angeles. They had been at a conference for an organisation to prevent the sexual exploitation of children, that they set up when they were married.

Onlookers said they walked in silence, although Kutcher shouted, "Bye, Demi" when they went their separate ways.

"Ashton badly wants to marry Mila and have children," a source said.

"He gave her a promise ring for now, because giving her a big engagement ring would only fuel Demi's hatred."

In London, the Duchess of Cambridge took part in her first official engagement since becoming a mum, knowing seven-week-old Prince George was in the safe hands of 71-year-old nanny Jessie Webb - the woman who raised her husband, Prince William, and his brother Prince Harry.

Kate had told friends she realised it had been unrealistic to think she could rely entirely on her mother Carole Middleton for help with George, Woman's Day said.

Looking fit and slender, Kate had been working out and was telling friends she was surprised at how easily the baby weight had just "fallen off".

"She's back in her pre-pregnancy jeans and, while she'd like to lose a few more pounds, she knows she's been extremely lucky to bounce back the way she has," a confidant said.

"Becoming a mum has given her a far more realistic and healthy body image."

Kate had admitted she became too thin before her pregnancy.

New Idea has the inspiring story of a Canterbury grandmother for whom losing weight was far more crucial than just getting back into shape.

Chrissy Hart, 57, went in less than two years from a massive 199 kilograms to 73kg, and from a size 30 to a size 10.

Told she was too large for gastric bypass surgery, she gained control using Cohen's Lifestyle Clinic, a weight-loss programme based on blood type and portion control.

She still had 7kg of excess skin that she hoped to have removed in future, but at a cost of $60,000 that was not possible for now.

Her new body size meant she was able to treasure time with her grandchildren unencumbered by weight. Hart had also found love again and was planning to go fishing.

"I would never go on a boat before because I was scared I would be too big and make the boat sink," she said.