Reality bites for Miranda Kerr

06:12, Nov 04 2013
Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr
Actor Orlando Bloom and model Miranda Kerr have ended their three-year marriage.
Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr
The celebrity couple visited her homeland of Australia to enjoy the Royal Randwick Racecourse in Sydney in 2008.
Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr
They were regulars at Hollywood events during their six-year relationship.
Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr
The couple have a young son together. They had been separated for months before confirming their split in October 2013.

From the moment Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom became an item it always seemed there was a third person in the relationship: her ever-present publicist (and there have been a few over the years).

In fact, there isn't much Miranda Kerr doesn't do unless it involves her publicity team. However, last week's revelation that her three-year marriage to Bloom was over struck a dud note.

You see, for the past year or so, Kerr has gone to great lengths to deny there was any trouble in her marriage, only admitting that things may not be quite so rosy in an interview with Cleo in April.

Miranda Kerr
IT'S OVER: Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom were one of Hollywood's most photographed couples.

She told the magazine: ''You need to work together and communicate openly about those challenges. I choose not to read into gossip and speculation. I know and those closest to us know the truth and that's all that matters to us.''

And yet it was Kerr who seemed to court that controversy, wittingly or otherwise.

While her publicist this week denied all those photo opportunities of Kerr without her wedding ring over many, many months were a mere coincidence and that they ''meant nothing'', one can't help but feel the 30-year-old model was quite keen to ignite a bit of gossip and speculation.


Each time she was photographed without her wedding ring it would inevitably lead to more conjecture in the press and keep her name and photographs in high circulation - perfect for her endorsement deals and range of beauty potions.

Not quite so complicit in all of this was Orlando Bloom.

A few years back, Kerr was set to strut her stuff for David Jones with all of Sydney's who's who in attendance.

As the lights dimmed, Bloom made his way through the darkness to assume his front row position next to Kerr's granny and extended family.

By the time the lights came back up, about 500 sets of eyeballs around the catwalk were firmly fixed on Bloom, which must have been rather annoying for DJ's marketing department as no one was taking much notice of the fashions being paraded.

Afterwards he was spotted hiding behind a huge floral arrangement as he attempted to exit the venue discreetly, a fruitless task given Kerr's keenness to pout and pose for the gaggle of photographers that had descended on the exit.

If anyone loved the limelight, it was clearly Kerr: she never missed a photo opportunity.

But as her star ascended, so too did her confidence, perhaps a little too much.

In her 20s, Miranda was heard instructing photographers to ''only shoot me with direct flash'' - she was determined to thwart any nasty shadows being cast on her showcase face.

The news photographers, some of whom have covered war zones and photographed world leaders, politely listened to the generous advice from the young model, though she did earn the nickname ''Flash Nazi'' afterwards.

But such memories may turn out to be her golden years - 2013 has not been good for Kerr, losing her coveted Victoria's Secret lingerie gig, not to mention the multimillion-dollar deal with David Jones and now her marriage.

Before she was dumped by DJs, Kerr was treated like royalty by the venerated department store. She was flown first class to appear in lavish fashion shoots for the store's bi-annual catalogues, and PS knows of several former executives - mostly male - who would stop at nothing to ensure her every need and want was fulfilled.

Backstage at the DJ's fashion shows, Kerr had her own marquee erected so she could be preened away from the prying eyes of her fellow models, some of whom were put out when security guards started doing on-the-spot bag checks to make sure they were not concealing cameras.

No bag searches were carried out inside Kerr's tent, resplendent with her own ''green room'' to receive her guests, which was decked out in fresh flowers and a well-stocked bar.

Inside, Kerr was busy pumping breast milk for baby Flynn before hitting the catwalk.

Given the world she has become accustomed to, it would be hard to blame her if she developed a slightly warped sense of reality.

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