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22:42, Nov 24 2013
 Rachel Hunter
STUNNING WITH 44: Rachel Hunter on the cover of Woman's Weekly.

At what age should you stop wearing a bikini?

That was one pressing question the Woman's Weekly put to 44-year-old supermodel and New Zealand's Got Talent judge Rachel Hunter, who graced the cover in a little magenta number against the backdrop of Waiheke Island.

Hunter, who the Weekly declared was "sporting a body that women 10 years younger would envy", has several nuggets of wisdom for readers.

"My advice to anyone over 40 is to only do it if it makes you feel good," she said.

"And don't go out in midday sun - the lighting is terrible! Stay under the umbrella between 11am and 2pm. And hey, if I was 20lb [9 kilograms] overweight, do you think I would be jumping into a bikini on a photoshoot? Hell, no!"

Although Hunter "radiates a glow that emanates from someone truly at peace with themselves", the Weekly reported, her own previous struggles with weight meant she was compelled to share some tips.


While she insisted happiness didn't come from being skinny, she did suggest a good body came down to food intake.

"The science is pretty basic - what you eat is what you'll look like. If you eat pancakes and waffles, you'll have a pancake and waffle body."

After years of living in the supersized US, Hunter told the Weekly she has had to learn about self-control and balance.

While life is a balancing act for women the world over, no-one faces more balancing than the Duchess of Cambridge, who is juggling both her royal duties and raising the future king.

Kate Middleton "launched herself back into the public life" last week, attending not one, but two charity events, New Idea reported.

But while Kate appeared to be "her usual unflappable self", sources said she was struggling with tiredness and irritability, and concerned about whether she was devoting enough time to her newborn son.

Kate was said to be a devotee of "attached parenting" theory, which held that children's early bonds with their parents set behavioural patterns for later in life, New Idea reported.

This, perhaps, does not bode well for Prince George, who an insider described as "a bit of a fussy baby".

One celebrity son who has blossomed into a "decidedly grown-up" 12-year-old is Maddox Jolie-Pitt, who accompanied his parents to the Governors Awards in LA, Woman's Day reported.

Angelina Jolie was receiving an award for her humanitarian work, and the family dazzled on the red carpet.

But behind the smiles, Jolie was revealed to be "an emotional wreck".

According to an insider, she was "devastated" that her mother, Marcheline, who died of ovarian cancer in 2004, could not be there to witness the award ceremony.

In a touching acceptance speech, Jolie said her mother would have been very proud of her if she was alive.

"She was very clear that nothing would mean anything if I didn't live a life of use to others," she said.

Also proud was husband Brad Pitt, who reportedly said it was the best speech he had ever heard.

According to Woman's Day, Jolie's speech was so impressive that formerly scorned lover Jennifer Aniston was compelled to "offer an olive branch".

In a message to Pitt, she said was inspired by Jolie. She also congratulated the couple on their forthcoming nuptials and wished them nothing but happiness, an insider said.