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SECRET REHAB? Woman's Day claims Nigella Lawson secretly checked herself into rehab after her marriage ended.
SECRET REHAB? Woman's Day claims Nigella Lawson secretly checked herself into rehab after her marriage ended.

Breaking from tradition the gossip mags have reported news and factual evidence with coverage of the Nigella Lawson drug allegations.

Lawson became the centre of a storm of controversy last week when a court heard allegations from her ex-husband Charles Saatchi, of her being a "habitual criminal" and of a decade of alleged cocaine abuse.

The Women's weekly produced a "special report" which detailed revenge, deceit and a family torn apart by cocaine but stuck to the facts presented in court.

The Weekly also dished the dirt on Saatchi's new girlfriend, Trinny Woodall, saying she also suffered from alcoholism and addiction to cocaine. Woodall herself described it as making her a "fake, lying and thieving person".

Woman's Day claimed Lawson secretly checked herself into rehab after her marriage to Saatchi ended.

Quoting a source close to the culinary queen, Lawson fled to the United States and checked into a treatment facility shortly after the split.

It went on to detail Lawson's "living hell" with Saatchi and how she never fully recovered from the death of her first husband, John Diamond, who died of throat cancer in 2001.

In more upbeat news Woman's Day chronicles some mildly famous females' favourite Christmas celebrations.

On the cover was Kate Hawkesby who previews what's in store for her and hubby Mike Hosking.

It will be a real family occasion as they spend time with their pre-teen kids and labrador Indie.

Other leading ladies who featured were Good Morning presenter Jeanette Thomas, Benji Marshall's wife Zoe and 2012 New Zealand Masterchef winner Chelsea Winter.

Six-year-old Eva Mitchell, the longest stay-in patient treated at Starship hospital, was the best read as she looked forward to celebrating her first Christmas outside of hospital.

In Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes news Holmes has warned Cruise's new girlfriend not to marry him, according to New Idea.

Holmes was said to be reaching out to fellow actress Laura Prepon to stop her from being caught up in the glamour and romance of dating Cruise.

Prepon is already a Scientologist and it is believed that Cruise wants to make her his fourth wife, but not if Holmes can help it.

Meanwhile, Kiwi singing sensation Lorde has been pictured on a beach date with photographer beau James K. Lowe.

The 17-year-old was spotted by Woman's Day wearing a floral bikini - a break from her usual fashion statements - and playfully cuddling the 25-year-old.