What the gossip mags say

02:41, Dec 16 2013
 Jennifer Aniston
ENGAGEMENT IN TROUBLE? Jennifer Aniston and her fiance Justin Theroux didn't appear loved-up to a recent onlooker...

The gossip mags agree: Jennifer Aniston's 16-month engagement to Justin Theroux is in trouble.

The couple are living 4500 kilometres apart and have been pictured together only once in 82 days, New Idea reported.

Theroux, 42, lives in New York, while Aniston, 44 has stayed in Los Angeles where they have renovated a $25 million mansion.

"Postponing the wedding because of work on the house, coupled with the distance between her and Justin, has been pushing them apart," a friend said.

The couple were pictured together for the first time in almost three months as they drove to pick up a Christmas tree in LA.

An onlooker said they looked unhappy. "There was no lovey-dovey chemistry between them."


According to Woman's Day, Aniston's annual Christmas party was a make-or-break bash for the troubled couple.

Aniston had issued an ultimatum that she wanted a wedding date by the end of the year, or she would call the engagement off.

"Right now, there are no wedding plans, no baby plans and no more buying houses together," a friend said.

New Zealand Woman's Weekly headlined its Aniston story: "Jen's in denial."

It also pointed out that Aniston - who can earn up to $6m a film - was on Forbes' list of most overpaid actors. The list compares how much actors get paid with how much money their films earn.

Despite her troubles, the Weekly said, Aniston had told Parade magazine that as she approached her 45th birthday in February "it just gets better".

Over in Britain, the Queen was determined to have all her family together for Christmas.

Given the fragile state of the health of her husband, Prince Philip, it could be the last time the whole royal family was together for a festive celebration, the Weekly reported.

Palace insiders quashed speculation that Kate Middleton's family had been invited to join the royals at Sandringham.

Instead, parents Carole and Michael Middleton would just have to accept they would need to take a back seat for grandson Prince George's first Christmas.

On to reality television's Kardashians, with Woman's Day suggesting Bruce Jenner - estranged husband of family matriarch Kris - is starting to play his aces.

Bruce, 64, was starting to realise he had the power to bring Kris, 58, down if he decided to blow the lid off her deepest secrets, the magazine said.

A publishing insider said he could earn an easy $18m if he opened up on all the dirt he had on his wife of 22 years.

He was also keen to stop Kris from manipulating their daughters Kendall, 18, and Kylie, 16.

"He wanted them to go to college and have a future out of the spotlight. He hates that she's pushing them into showbiz careers instead of school," a Kardashian family insider said.

Reality television has been a bruising experience for Bella Hopes - daughter of broadcaster Paul Henry.

She appears as one of the beauties on the Beauty and the Geek show, in which beautiful girls are teamed up with male geeks. The show is about to screen in this country after already being shown in Australia, the Weekly said.

The Australian media were "pretty mean", 21-year-old makeup artist Hopes told the magazine.

"I expected people to tease me about my voice, and they did - but they also said I wasn't a beautiful girl, that I was the fat one and that I have no fashion sense."

She was glad she would be on holiday out of the country when the show aired in New Zealand on December 27.