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00:13, Jan 20 2014
Shavaughn Ruakere
MOVING ON: Actress Shavaughn Ruakere has left Shortland Street to chase her dream in Hollywood.

Actor Shavaughn Ruakere is chasing her dreams in Los Angeles after the fiery conclusion to her role in Shortland Street.

The Kiwi soap ended 2013 with Ruakere's character, Roimata Ngatai, being badly injured in an explosion at a beach house. When the show started for 2014 the heroic nurse died on the operating table.

Keeping the outcome secret over the holiday break was "so hard", in the face of constant requests for information, Ruakere, 35, told New Zealand Woman's Weekly.

She had seen an opportunity to try something new when her Shortland Street contract came up for renewal last April.

"They asked me to sign on for another year, but I couldn't commit as I wanted to be free to head overseas," Ruakere said.

After filming her last scenes on the soap, she visited LA for a couple of weeks to look at work options, meeting up with former Shortland Street castmates Fleur Saville and Ari Boyland.


Since returning home, Ruakere had been sending taped auditions to the US, and expected to return to LA this month for the three-month pilot season when acting opportunities become more available, the Weekly said.

Before returning to the US, she would work on a six-part New Zealand miniseries set during World War 1.

Heading to the US meant Ruakere would have to be apart from partner of three years, radio DJ Clarke Gayford, 36, but she emphasised that New Zealand would remain her home.

She also wanted to have children, and realised she was not getting any younger.

Woman's Day has pictures of the wedding of All Black Aaron Cruden to teacher Grace King at Wakefields Lodge on the outskirts of Palmerston North.

The two 25-year-olds met a year before Cruden was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 19. Their love grew stronger as they faced the disease together, Woman's Day said.

"It's pretty surreal - it hasn't sunk in yet, but it will over the next few days once we go on honeymoon," Cruden said soon after the ceremony.

While the couple would have some time to soak in the joys of married life, both were excited at the prospect of raising a family.

For Nicole Kidman and New Zealand-born musician Keith Urban, both 46, married life was looking a bit bumpy, Woman's Day reported.

The problem was the close bond that had formed between Urban and follow American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez, 44.
Kidman, who was filming a movie in the Sahara Desert, had been "very upset" when she saw internet pictures of Urban nuzzling into Lopez at a promotional appearance for American Idol in LA.

"She tends to keep her feelings bottled up, but she wasn't at all happy when she saw those photos on a website," an on-set source said.

The magazine reported the insider saying Kidman had raced to her trailer to call her husband, who told her she was overreacting.

"She's had a difficult time lately and seems to be suffering a crisis of self-confidence over their marriage, her career and even the way she looks," the source said.

Actor Katie Holmes, 35, the former wife of Tom Cruise, has found a new man - Meryl Streep's son, Henry Wolfe Gummer.
According to New Idea, 64-year-old Streep and Holmes bonded on the set of the film, The Giver, in South Africa last year.

Holmes had been open about wanting to have a man in her life again, an insider said.

Streep decided to show Holmes a picture of her 34-year-old son, a singer and actor.

Holmes had declared 2014 would be her year of the manhunt and had drawn up a list of requirements of what she wanted in a guy.

"Obviously her No 1 priority is a guy who's good with kids, and Henry's wanted to find the right girl to start a family with for the better part of two years now," a family insider said.

Cruise, 51, also wanted to settle down again and was using casting auditions for Mission: Impossible 5 to find a wife.