What the gossip mags say

LOVE-BIRD: Skier Anna Willcox opens up about her relationship with British skier British skier James "Woodsy" Woods.
LOVE-BIRD: Skier Anna Willcox opens up about her relationship with British skier British skier James "Woodsy" Woods.

The love lives of sportspeople - as well as a journalist and a couple of actors - get plenty of space in the gossip mags this week.

New Zealand Women's Weekly has All Black prop Owen Frank's marriage to travel agent Emma Vieceli. It also has swimmer Daniel Bell finding the love he needs to overcome his troubled past.

Woman's Day focuses on the wedding of another rugby star, Victor Vito, to Amber Dallas, who co-runs vintage clothes website Boutique Collective. Then it talks to TVNZ journalist Tim Wilson about first noticing fiancee Rachel Schryvers across the pews at Auckland's St Patrick's Cathedral.

For New Idea, the sporting love story is about skier Anna Willcox and her boyfriend, British skier James "Woodsy" Woods.

Local television personalities also get a look-in, with actors Millen Baird, of Auckland Daze, and Siobhan Marshall - Pascalle in Outrageous Fortune - talking about their relationship.

The wedding of Franks, 26, and Vieceli, 22, was held at and around the bride's family home in Clearwater, Christchurch.

"When you know you've found the one, you know," Franks said.

"I've wanted to marry her for a long time."

He met Vieceli, whose mother Lynda was Miss New Zealand 1986, in a Christchurch pub four years ago.

It was a case of opposites attracting, the Weekly said. Franks, the hard man of exceptionally few words, and Vieceli the vibrant, beautiful and extrovert travel agent.

"It's awesome to be married," Franks said after the ceremony.

"We've felt married for so long, but it was important for us to make it official. It doesn't feel different, but we don't want it to."

Vito, 26, and Dallas, 25, were married in the grounds of the Neudorf vineyard, near Nelson and just kilometres from Dallas' childhood home in the town of Dovedale.

Guests gasped in admiration when they saw Dallas in her pearl-encrusted, mermaid-style gown of tulle and French Chantilly lace, created by New Zealand designer Anna Schimmel, Woman's Day said.

"You restored my faith in fairytales and gave me the strength to accept this life-changing love," Dallas said in her vows.

"You are my stallion, my sexy Samoan and all-time favourite All Black."

Vito replied: "I vow to be a loyal husband, your protector and, when the time is right, a doting and dedicated father to our children."

The couple exchanged rings symbolic of their intertwined cultures. Dallas has a delicate 29-diamond platinum band, while Vito's custom platinum design - six times the weight of a traditional wedding band - recalls the pattern of a Samoan tapa cloth, with the couple's initials combined.

Turning to snow sports, skier Willcox, 21, a member of the New Zealand team at the Sochi Winter Olympics, met 22-year-old Woods at an Olympic qualifying event in Argentina in September 2012. Since then, they had become almost inseparable, New Idea said.

"It's pretty perfect," Willcox said.

"Our crazy busy schedules are exactly the same so we are at every competition together."

Being away from home 10 months of the year, she missed friends and family, "but I'm so lucky to have some close people around me like Woodsy".

"It's pretty amazing always having your best friend there to bounce ideas off or for a hug when I crash," she said.
Woods, among Britain's best hopes for a gold medal, was a "huge inspiration", Willcox said.

They gave each other advice, "but the advice I give him is more like: 'Don't fly your toy helicopter so close to people's heads'."

Swimmer Bell, 23, whose career has run into a few alcohol-related hiccups, told the Weekly that being in a supportive relationship was keeping him on the straight and narrow.

While he always had family support, he now also drew support from the new love in his life, Maxyna Cottam, 17.

Cottam is a cycling champion, and the couple met when Bell took up cycling as an alternative form of exercise after moving to New Plymouth to be closer to his coach.

"She has been a huge support and she has also had to cope with everyone asking about my reputation," Bell said.

Her family had also been supportive, with Bell working for Cottam's parents' plumbing business as a drain layer.
Bell said he was trying to move forward.

Incidents, such as being photographed drunk and slumped over a toilet hours after racing at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, happened when he was only 18 or 19. Now he was aiming to make the Commonwealth Games in Scotland this year and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Reporter Wilson, 48, proposed to music teacher Schryvers, 28, nine months into their relationship, in the cathedral where they first met, Woman's Day reported

Wilson had converted to Catholicism when he was looking for something more after returning from 11 years living in New York.

"At first, I didn't know if Tim had enough character for me, but I remember walking along Queen St on our first date when he went up to a homeless guy and gave him an apple," Schryvers said.

"I was a bit annoyed because we were late. But then I started to think, 'this is really cool. He knows this guy's name'. At that point, the man looked up at me and said, 'lady, you've made the right choice'. I just remember thinking, 'wow, he's a keeper'."

As for actors Baird, 40, and Marshall, 30, their first meeting was in 2003, but at the time they were both in other relationships.

Marshall felt they would still had something to do with each other, and was not surprised to see Baird again at a mutual friend's birthday party in late 2012.

The early courting did not go smoothly, as they struggled to co-ordinate their schedules.

"And I almost didn't go on our first proper date because I had these massive cold sores on my mouth," Marshall said.
Baird tried to make her feel less self-conscious by showing her a wound from a white-tailed spider bite.

The couple have not worked together yet, but plan to search out opportunities in Los Angeles this year.

"We're like two peas in a weird pod," Baird said.