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06:37, Feb 10 2014
Martin Crowe and Lorraine Downes
TOUGH TIMES: Martin Crowe and Lorraine Downes have been married for five years.

Former cricketer Martin Crowe grew in a "beautiful way" as he fought cancer, wife Lorraine Downes says.

The golden couple - he was once one of the world's greatest batsmen and she was Miss Universe - celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary on Valentine's Day.

The milestone comes 15 months after their lives were thrown into turmoil when Crowe, 51, was diagnosed with the blood cancer lymphoma.

"It was difficult for me to watch how the chemo affected Marty," Downes, 49, told New Zealand Women's Weekly.

"But one of the good things that came out of it was knowing in my heart that my love for him was so real."

Crowe said the cancer made him confront his emotional issues head-on and start making some changes.


"Getting sick made me realise I had to find some self-acceptance and change a lot of things about myself that had made me sick," he said.

"Lorraine had always talked about the importance of being true to yourself and keeping things real, and I needed to do that.

"Without my love for Lorraine and the strength of our relationship I wouldn't have had that example to emulate. That accelerated my healing."

Downes said she was so happy Crowe had found peace after dealing with the restlessness inside him.

"Something fantastic has come out of him getting cancer. I look at all he has been through and I think he has grown so much in such a beautiful way."

The tumour targeted by the chemotherapy has gone, the Weekly said. Although the lymphoma could not be cured, it could be a long time before it caused more problems.

The magazine also reported on the move by singer Elizabeth Marvelly - now known as Lizzie - from classical pop opera into pop music.

Widely recognised for singing the national anthem, 24-year-old Marvelly has released online her first pop song, called Generation Young.

Rotorua-born, and niece of the late Sir Howard Morrison, she said she had to be true to herself.

"I realised the moments on stage I actually loved were when I was singing my own stuff."

For Pippa Middleton, sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, the single life may be drawing to a close.

New Idea said there were even reports that plans were under way and a location had been chosen for the 30-year-old's hotly anticipated nuptials to stockbroker Nico Jackson.

Sources were even reported to have provided details of 36-year-old Jackson's lavish proposal at the Oberoi Amarvilas resort in Agra.

But the pair had made a pact that before they walked down the aisle they would travel to many exotic destinations, a friend said.

"There will be lots of trips like [India] in coming months."

Former Australian cricketer Shane Warne, 44, has moved quickly to find a new partner following the end of his engagement to Elizabeth Hurley two months ago.

The brilliant spin bowler met 29-year-old Sydney hairdresser Zanbagh Khalili at a trendy Sydney bar five weeks ago, Woman's Day reported.

She was down to earth and really understood him, a friend said.

In contrast Hurley, 48, had been too demanding.

"Liz is so self-absorbed - all she thinks about is her image. She works out for hours on end and they had nothing in common," the friend said.

New Zealand actor Kimberley Crossman told Woman's Day her underwear scene in new TV2 comedy Step Dave showed she was maturing as an artist.

Crossman, 25, first showed up on screen some years as school girl Sophie McKay on Shortland Street. After leaving the soap she headed to the US where she got a bit part in NCIS and Selena Gomez's music video Birthday.

While still aspiring to a lead role in a US sitcom, for now Crossman has a role on TV One's Auckland Daze, as well as appearing as shafted lover Stacey in Step Dave, about a man who falls for an older woman.

In Step Dave she stripped down to her underwear for the first time on screen.

"I'm growing up a bit now, so scenes where I'm doing different things and pushing the limits are great," Crossman said.

"It's exciting and it shows I'm maturing as an artist."

Crossman also has a presenting role coming up on TV3's Cadbury Dream Factory, in which people's dreams are brought to life.

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