First peek at Lindsay Lohan reality TV show

Last updated 09:13 07/03/2014

The first trailer for Oprah Winfrey's reality TV show about Lindsay Lohan has aired.

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The first peek at Lindsay Lohan's reality TV show has aired, showing Oprah Winfrey issuing some tough love to the "former" troubled star.

The official trailer for Lindsay delivers the kind of drama you would expect from reality TV and Winfrey isn't happy about it.

Receiving complaints from staff and crew about the Mean Girls star for not following the rules, the talk-show host sits down with Lohan to host an intervention.

"You need to cut the bulls--t," says Winfrey.

Threatening to cancel the show she says, "'my truth is that I want you to win, I really do".

"If that isn't what you want I'm OK with that. I'll tell these guys to pack up and go away today."

Knowing that this is probably her last shot at the big time, Lohan agrees to clean up her act and apologises.

After leaving rehab seven months ago to begin work on the show, Lohan admits, "I know that this is my last shot at doing what I love to do."

Made by Winfrey for her network, OWN, the trailer for the eight-part "docu-series" series begins with a confession from Lohan claiming that she is done with her partying ways.

"There's nothing left in having a drink for me. What's left in that feeling? Nothing," she says.

"There's no party that I haven't gone to, there's no person that I haven't hung out with. There's no situation that I haven't been exposed to."

But when her sober coach was asked if Lohan had been drinking he couldn't answer the question.

Over the years Lohan has made headlines around the world for her arrests, family dramas and visits to rehab.

The show includes a clash between Lohan and her father, who was recently arrested for domestic violence charges.

"Now you're making me angry because you weren't good for me for a long time," she tells him.

"If you believe that, that's fine," replies her father.

Lohan is also seen breaking down, saying she feels trapped by the cameras.

When asked if she feels like a prisoner, she says, "Yes, all the time."

The Guardian says the trailer "reinforces what we already know about Lohan: she's been troubled for a long time, and she wants to be sober".

But would viewers be interested if she was?

A few attempts have been made by the former child star to resurrect her career.

Lohan has made guest appearances on Glee and Charlie Sheen's sitcom Anger Management, as well as starring as Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick.

According to The Huffington Post, Lohan revealed she wasn't ready for the harsh criticism she received for Liz & Dick.

Since launching in 2011, Winfrey's OWN network has been struggling with ratings.

Rosie O'Donnel-l's Rosie Show was axed just five months after its debut.

Despite cancelling The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2011, The Next Chapter sees the talk-show queen back in the chair.

Interviews including Rihanna talking about Chris Brown, and Lance Armstrong admitting to doping, have certainly boosted the network's rating.

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- Sydney Morning Herald

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