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00:13, Mar 24 2014
ROUGH PATCH?: Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, laugh at a St Patrick's Day parade earlier this month.

Sarah Ferguson has lost heaps of weight, Wills and Kate may be going through a bumpy patch, and Kylie has accepted she will probably never have children.

So say the gossip mags - and there's plenty more where that came from.

First, the impending royal visit to these shores.

According to Woman's Day, the upcoming Kiwi tour has put Wills and Kate "on a high", while Woman's Weekly said the Duchess of Cambridge was "nervously but excitedly anticipating her venture overseas".

But New Idea is not so sure.

Under the headline "Wills and Kate's Bumpy Patch" it said "parenthood and an old flame have put pressure on the royal lovebirds".


The couple were hoping the trip would be the start of a smooth, new chapter in their life, New Idea said.

That was after sources said the couple's extended honeymoon period hit a normal rocky patch.

"Plagued by the late nights and broken sleep of new parenthood, tensions have reportedly arisen over everything from their future family plans to the company Wills keeps," the magazine said.

Royal watchers had been shocked when Prince William, 31, said one baby was enough at the moment.

The change of heart came after the couple smoothed out differences recently in a much-needed luxury getaway to the Maldives.

The biggest concern for Kate, 32, was her husband's shooting trip to Spain last month with a party that included his former girlfriend Jecca Craig.

"Palace insiders say William's continued closeness to Jecca has always irritated Kate, especially as the prince and his inner circle view her as 'the one that got away'," New Idea said.

In contrast Woman's Day reported insiders saying the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's relationship was at an all-time high.

"Kate and Wills are in great form at the moment," a close source said.

One thing the magazines can agree on is that 54-year-old Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, is much thinner than she used to be.

A big part of her success in losing 19 kilograms was due to giving sugar the boot, and doing plenty of exercise.

Woman's Day has four pages on the transformation, including a picture of Fergie lounging back on a fur covered couch, wearing a leopard print blouse.

The weight loss effort started last October and happened while the woman once labelled the "Duchess of Pork", was living in a rented Swiss chalet.

"I used to be so angry," Fergie said.

"I believed I never was going to lose the weight, that I had lost control. I couldn't fit into any of my clothes, I was just drowning in eating, drowning in food. I beat myself up to a point of pulp."

Weight has never seemed to be an issue for singer Kylie Minogue, but at 45 and without a boyfriend she appears to have accepted she will not be having children, the Woman's Weekly reported.

"If it happens, it happens. But I think maybe part of this frame of mind I'm in, trying to be calm and accepting and at peace with where I am, is really acknowledging that it just might not be written on the pages for me," Minogue said.

"You can't have everything, so I'd rather just focus on what I have instead of what I don't."

Late last year Minogue split from her boyfriend of five years, Spanish model Andres Velencoso. She also revealed her greatest fear was loneliness and she suffered anxiety late at night.

Focusing on keeping busy helped her to feel "centred".

Back home, Woman's Day has a double-page spread showing broadcaster Paul Henry in his new million-dollar launch Catalina off Waiheke Island, along with TV3 reporter Rebecca Wright who has moved from Campbell Live to The Paul Henry Show.

The pictures show Henry, 53, and Wright, 33, jumping into the water while holding hands, Henry's middle-aged spread and stars-and-stripes shorts to the fore. Then there's Henry holding the shower for Wright, and several pictures of the two standing or sitting talking.

But don't leap to conclusions, the two are just good friends. Friends said Henry was firmly attached to longtime love Linzi Dryburgh, while Wright was said to be linked to a television cameraman.

Actress Lisa Harrow, 70, who plays ex-mother-in-law Marion in TV2's Step Dave, talks to New Zealand's Woman's Weekly about the son she had with actor Sam Neill, and about the man she finally settled down with.

Son Tim was born in 1983, with Harrow not discovering she was pregnant until the relationship with Neill had ended.

"I'm the kind of girl who used to meet someone and then live with them the next day," Harrow said.

"I've flown head-on into love and have faced it all."

Her years of rocky relationships finally ended when she met famed American biologist Roger Payne at a rally for whales in England.

Payne opened the rally and was the "most charismatic, charming man I've ever met".

"I was bored with actors," Harrow said.

"This man was smart. Ten weeks later, we were married.

"He's made such a difference in my life and has been an outstanding stepfather. Tim's so lucky to have two extraordinary men in his life, Rog and Sam. They get on the phone and have dad chats."

Harrow and Payne, who have a home in Vermont in the US, were putting their Banks Peninsula house on the market, although Harrow would be back hopefully before Tim, who lives here, was married next January.

In other titbits: New Idea reports Angelina Jolie, 38, was furious over shock allegations of an affair between fiance Brad Pitt, 50, and Australian model Miranda Kerr, 30. The claims came from outlandish gossip site Crazy Days and Nights.

"Angelina is in complete shock over it," a friend said.

"To her relief, Brad totally cracked up laughing when she confronted him. He can't believe Angelina would take it seriously at all."

Despite that reassurance, Jolie had instructed her team to alert Kerr's camp that: "This had better not ever - not now, not in the past, not ever - be true".

New Idea also reported the planned wedding in May between reality television's Kim Kardashian and musician Kanye West was tearing the couple apart.

Among the issues, West did not want Kardashian to be on her family's reality show any more.

"He thinks it's tacky, and she needs to move on now that she's going to be his wife," a source said.

Siblings Kourtney, Khloe and Rob were also said to be desperate to quit, but mum Kris Jenner would not let the family cash cow die that easily.

Another issue was that West was reportedly desperate to have hip hop star Jay-Z as his best man. But Jay-Z's wife Beyonce was reportedly refusing to attend the Paris nuptials because she did not want to be filmed for the television show.

In baby news, New Idea said actress Mila Kunis, 30, was seen with a small bump last week, despite wearing a loose knit top. An announcement that she was expecting could be coming soon.

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