Gossip: It's all about George

ROYAL FAMILY: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George.
ROYAL FAMILY: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George.

It's the equivalent of Christmas morning for the gossip mags, as the royals are due to touch down in Wellington kicking off their 10-day tour of New Zealand.

Looking like a plump wee pudding on the cover of the Woman's Weekly is Prince George, who will no doubt be the star of the show.

According to the Weekly, the prince has been referred to as the royals' "not-so-secret weapon, whose gurgling charm will melt even the coldest heart".

The little weapon will apparently be in good hands while on tour.

His 43-year-old Spanish supernanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, is reportedly trained in martial arts and stunt driving to deal to the paparazzi and potential kidnappers.

"Maria has worked with other high society families in the past and it was through them that the royals heard of her," a friend said.

"She is not married and doesn't have a boyfriend, so her life is totally dedicated to the family she is working with. She is very professional - and married to the job."

A member of the royal entourage said the couple's main concern was that George felt "completely content and at home" while in New Zealand.

"They want it to be a home away from home as much possible. They are taking a large amount of stuff, including his nappies, clothes and sun protection, and other items are being provided at the other end, such as his organic baby food."

Lap it up while you can, George - New Idea reckons Mum and Dad will have two more little bundles of joy by this time next year.

For those of you struggling to do the maths, Kate is reportedly "praying for twins".

"Everyone expected them to wait until George was a year old before trying again," a source revealed.

"But Kate feels so fantastic and healthy right now, there's no reason to wait."

The couple had restrained from conceiving prior to the tour, because of Catherine's extreme morning sickness with George.

"They didn't want to risk Kate getting morning sickness while she was away," a source said.

But once they are in the country there will be no stopping them.

"Their trip is going to be a bit of a second honeymoon for them - they will have lots of quality time together," a friend said.

Woman's Day chose to feature New Zealand's political royalty on their cover: John and Bronagh Key, clutching a pair of labrador puppies.

The pups are there to represent the Keys' support for Blind Foundation guide dogs.

But there was, of course, room for plenty of royal chat too.

They spoke to the mag about their "unforgettable" weekend with the royal family at Balmoral seven months ago.

The prime minister revealed he had managed to nab a quick cuddle with baby George.

"I was coming back from a walk and Kate had been out walking with George. So yes, I got to have a snuggle. He's very cute!"

The Keys were most excited about hosting a private, casual dinner for William and Catherine at their Wellington home, Premier House.

But while Key said he was a bit of a dab hand in the kitchen and would have loved to have cooked for the royals, the dinner had been left to professionals.

"We're having it catered."