Hollywood hits coming to century-old cinema

The Majestic Theatre in Taihape is to get a $80,000 to upgrade to a digitised projection system. Left, manager Simone ...

16 min ago  A provincial cinema has had its lifeline to Hollywood reconnected with an $80,000 upgrade.

Thor lifts lid on everyday life video

Thor (aka Chris Hemsworth) welcomes the cameras in to his "flat" during his "me time" break from saving the galaxy.

The first son of Asgard has been given the What We Do In The Shadows treatment by Kiwi director Taika Waititi. 

Hotel that inspired The Shining

The isolation and eeriness of the Stanley Hotel inspired Stephen King to write a certain novel in 1974.

The isolation and eeriness of The Stanley Hotel inspired Stephen King to write a certain novel in 1974.

DVD of the Week: Sherpa

Sherpa is out now on DVD.

REVIEW: A breathtaking Australian mountaineering documentary that doesn't need to resort to dramatic recreations.

Ben-Hur just needed a big name

Morgan Freeman stars in the latest Ben Hur film.

REVIEW: This, the fifth movie version of Ben-Hur, could have done with a big box-office name powering the four white horses in the great chariot race.

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Not Bad, just disappointing

Despite an appealing leading trio, Bad Moms' joie de vivre founders on a predictable plot.

REVIEW: Disappointingly, Bad Moms is an over-worked, under-cooked farce

An oddly joyous farce

REVIEW: Your tolerance for this potentially offensive premise really depends on how much you like humour revolving around "bottom burps".

A celebration of body diversity

Moms oddly likeable and enjoyable

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