Do you want to buy a snowman?

00:39, May 16 2014
HIGHLY DESIRED: Disney movie Frozen merchandise is fetching top prize on TradeMe.

Let it go, let it go . . . the dolls never bothered me anyway.

Six-year-old Bebe Sunderland is one of many young girls who has had to let go her dreams of a Frozen birthday party, after film's merchandise sold out around the world.

Following the success of animated Disney film - released just before Christmas last year - fans' demand for memorabilia including clothing, dolls, soft toys, dress-ups, mugs, cups and mouse pads, has outpaced production.

BIGGEST FAN: Bebe identifies with Frozen character Anna, as she has red hair, too

Bebe's mother, Nicki Sunderland, said her daughter wanted to have a Frozen-theme for her seventh birthday next month.

"But we've given up, it's too hard," Sunderland said.

"Getting your hands on anything from Frozen is proving to be impossible at the moment. Any household with little girls will tell you this, but it's absolute Frozen overkill.


"[Elsa and Anna] are the most popular girls from any movie."

She said buying online wasn't an option, owing to exorbitant prices for limited stock.

Some dolls on Trade Me are listed for more than $100 each. A collection of four dolls is going for $300, which is a bargain compared to a collection of three for $432.

"Someone needs to start a Frozen party hire company!" Sunderland said.

Bebe has found "hundreds of versions" of the Oscar-winning hit, Let it Go, on YouTube. Her favourite character is Olaf the snowman - she's memorised all his lyrics.

Unsurprisingly, her 11-year-old brother is "really over it".

But Sunderland approves of the movie, especially its promotion of good sibling relationships.

She and other parents of young girls were waiting, hoping, for merchandise to be restocked.

Warehouse toy buyer Lonnica Van Engelen said Frozen toys had been "extremely popular".

"We've ordered more dolls and character costumes, which will be arriving in July in time for our annual toy sale," she said.

Toyworld Wellington said its store sold out of Frozen merchandise before Christmas.

"They're all selling out in America so we're not getting any in at the moment, but we should in the next month or so," a spokeswoman said.

Disney admitted to CBC News last month that Frozen had exceeded expectations.

The film won Best Animated Film of the Year and Best Original Song at the Oscars this year.

In an announcement on its blog, Disney said it was thrilled that the story of Elsa and Anna touched the hearts of so many, and it was working around the clock to get product back on shelves as soon as possible.

Disney's earnings this quarter of US$1.11 (NZD$1.29) a share were described by chief executive Robert A. Iger as "the highest in the history of the company".