Wannabe hobbits turned away

02:22, Jan 29 2012
Hobbit auditions
Thousands of people turned out for the chance to be extras in The Hobbit films at an open casting call in Lower Hutt.

Talent scouts looking for an assortment of characters to play extras in The Hobbit were overwhelmed and had to send away many people who had queued for hours yesterday.

Bill O'Byrne, who fancied his chances of being picked as "a fat ugly bastard" estimated there were about 3000 waiting outside Lower Hutt's Belmont Hall by 1pm when the casting call was scheduled to start.

He said the crowd were good natured, orderly and arranged themselves in long winding queues, but it was all called off after the processing folks were swamped and couldn't keep up.

Hobbit auditions
LONG AND SHORT OF IT: Chris Gannon (front) and Michael Williams wait for their chance at The Hobbit auditions.

"I guess about half of the people waiting from 1pm till 3pm didn't get processed and the Hobbit person who was there was saying to apply via Trademe."

However, O'Byrne felt this was probably a way of placating the crowd as they probably got everyone they wanted in the first hour.

The film company wanted a mix of talent - short men and women, big men with character faces or large biceps, women with character faces and long hair or slim athletic people who could play the part of elves.


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