Trivia: Dark Knight Rises costumes

17:00, Jul 15 2012
Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises
Anne Hathaway as Catwoman
Tom Hardy as Bane
The Dark Knight Rises
A scene from The Dark Knight Rises
The Dark Knight Rises
A scene from The Dark Knight Rises
The Dark Knight Rises
A scene from The Dark Knight Rises

Anticipation is heating up over this week's release of The Dark Knight Rises - described in its trailers as the ''epic conclusion'' to Christopher Nolan's tantalising Batman trilogy.

While Christian Bale donned the Batman suit for the last time, it was a first for Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy who play Catwoman and the villain Bane.

Warner Bros now has released some trivia about the attire, here are the fun facts:

The Batman suite:

- The Batsuit in The Dark Knight Rises is unchanged from the design used in The Dark Knight.

- It is comprised of 110 separate pieces.

- Semi-flexible Urethane-molded pieces are all suspended on a polyester mesh called 3D spacer mesh, which is sold to the military, medical and hi-tech sports manufacturers as a neoprene replacement as it is very breathable.  It is knitted and not woven.

- Carbon fiber panels-strong, light and incredibly resistant-can be found inside a number of the Urethane-molded pieces around the suit's legs, chest and abs for added protection.

- Production created 50 capes in total, varying in length, shape and size to reflect different functions such as trailing, walking, action/fighting and mechanical.

- The cape is made from a fabric which is electro-statically flocked, taking advantage of a process used by the UK's Ministry of Defence when minimum night vision detection is required.

- The Special Effects department has invented a brand new type of silent, directional wind machine for use in creating the billowing cape image inspired by iconic comic book illustrations. 

- The weight of the suit, cowl and cape together is about 14 kilograms.

The Catsuit:

- 20 costumes were made for cat-burglar Selina Kyle.

- There are two pieces to each suit for practical reasons, with the belt positioned to give it the look of a one-piece Catsuit.

- The suit is made up of a utility belt, elbow length gloves, thigh length boots, and goggles.  Costume designer Lindy Hemming designed the goggles to look like cat ears when flipped up.

- There are seven different boots with varying height heels for action such as running and riding the Batpod, but the 'hero boot' has a high-blade heel for fighting and slashing.

- The suit is made of embossed carbon fiber laminate.  It is made up of two layers, the outer one being polyurethane-coated spandex with the texture of a carbon fiber hexagonal weave.

Bane's Costume

- Seven costumes in total were created for Bane, comprised of combat boots, combat pants and body armor.  The costume is made up of natural materials and fashioned with scavenged bits and pieces.

- Bane's mask is made out of ABS polymer, which was built by the Costume Effects department using a 3-D printer.