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The Blondini gang is back for the shooting of Goodbye Pork Pie, the remake. But how can they improve on the original?

Shooting is about to begin on the remake of classic Kiwi film Goodbye Pork Pie, with the original director's son at the helm.

When the 1981 Geoff Murphy film, in which the "Blondini gang" drive a yellow mini from Kaitaia to Invercargill with police in pursuit, was released it broke box office records and sold to more than 20 countries.

A scene from Goodbye Pork Pie.

A scene from Goodbye Pork Pie.

Now Murphy's son Matt is directing a remake, which will see part of Wellington closed down – thought to be for a recreation of one of the movie's most famous scenes.

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A poster for the original movie.

A poster for the original movie.




Geoff Murphy, the original director, said he was flattered his film was getting remade – but seemed unsure how they could improve on the original. "I find the concept confusing because I can't see how to remake it."

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A shooting date was "fairly imminent" and expected within the month.

He was not personally involved in his son's remake. "I let him do his thing," he said.

The scenes being shot in Wellington are thought to include one the movie's most famous moments, in which the Blondini Gang are chased through the streets of Wellington before driving the mini onto a moving freight train.

A public notice in Saturday's Dominion Post  listed the proposed Wellington road closures or limitations for filming during weekends in April.

These include parts of Brandon St, Customhouse Quay, Jervois Quay, Hunter St, Willeston St and Waring Taylor St.

Coco Chen, director of The Bru Haus Wellington on the corner of Willeston St and Victoria St, said she was approached last year about the potential public closure. 

She had agreed to it, and the production company had hired the bar for the days it was needed. 

There was little preparation required on her part as the company would decorate the streets with its own props.

NZ Film Commission records show the film – referred to simply as Pork Pie – has received more than $100,000 funding.

Wellington City councillor Jo Coughlan confirmed the remake was going ahead with scenes shot in Wellington.

"It's an iconic Kiwi movie and it is great the industry is in such good shape at the moment."

 - Sunday Star Times

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