The trailer for David Farrier's documentary Tickled is finally here and it's pretty creepy

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The trailer for David Farrier's documentary "Tickled".

It's been getting rave reviews around the world after debuting at the Sundance Film Festival, and now Kiwis can finally get their first glimpse of David Farrier's documentary, Tickled

An official trailer has finally been released for the documentary, which takes a look into the world of competitive endurance tickling. 

For Farrier, the story "keeps on giving". 

"Since screening at Sundance all sorts of strange things have happened including police removing two people from a screening in Missouri because they were apparently private detectives trying to record the film," says Farrier.

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Director David Farrier and director Dylan Reeve at the Tickled premiere at Sundance.

Director David Farrier and director Dylan Reeve at the Tickled premiere at Sundance.

"It's strange to think that all this stemmed from a simple request for an interview about a strange sport called Competitive Endurance Tickling."

And according to Page Six, Farrier and co-director Dylan Reeve are being sued for defamation by David D'Amato, son of late New York insurance lawyer George D'Amato.

D'Amato argued the film falsely accuses him of "abusing minors, paedophilia, child pornography and abuse of his students while employed by a school".

The former assistant principal and guidance counsellor was previously employed at West Hempstead High School in Nassau County, and claims the grounds surrounding his dismissal in the film are false and that he was "not dismissed from his job for inappropriate behaviour".

In response, Reeve told Page Six he and Farrier stood by the content of their film.

Tickled, which has been picked up by US television network HBO, will make its debut in New Zealand cinemas on May 26, but there will also be a gala premiere as part of the New Zealand Film Festival events series.

This will take place at Auckland's Civic Theatre on April 13, and will be followed by a second screening at Wellington's Embassy Theatre on April 22. 

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A US release date has also been set for June 24th.

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