Beam me up, Darth, for Star Trek Wars

04:05, Jan 25 2013
Star Trek Wars
When two geek universes collide, this is what happens.

JJ Abrams is directing Star Trek and Star Wars.

That should be the best piece of geek news since the Falcon made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.

But geek law dictates no man can wield two beloved sci-fi franchises at the same time.

A worm hole will open up and the two rival universes will collapse into each other, creating a new uber-universe that will bring together two previously warring fanbases but will confuse the hell out of the rest of us.

Here then are 12 signs you are watching the new Star Trek Wars.

1. The Stormtrooper in the red shirt will get killed first.


2. All Wookies are Scottish and they most definitely "canna change the laws of physics. McRawwrrr".

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3. William Shatner will appear half-way through the movie and sing this:

4. He will also narrate the opening crawl. "A long. Time. Ago. In. A galaxy. Far. Far away ..."

5. Yoda very, very pointy ears will have.

6. Princess Leia will have green skin, will make out with Captain Kirk and do the following dance in her metal bikini:

7. Ewoks and Tribbles will mate together and the resulting species will smother the universe in cuteness.

8. Khan is Kirk's father. No, that's impossible! KHAAAANNNNN!  

9. Jedi will no longer fight like this:

They'll fight like this:

10. "These aren't the Klingons you are looking for."

11. Spock v Vader! Nerve pinch v Force choke!

12. Han Solo will join The Avengers.

The rest of the web has got in on the action as well. Here's a taste of the best Star Trek-Star Wars memes and tweets:

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I'm sorry, interwebs. I couldn't resist. #StarWars #StarTrek…

You Were Right About Me, Kirk…

Don't Look At This Unholy Abomination…

The Empire Strikes Back Pt. II…

Federation Death Star…

J.J Abrams is directing @starwars after directing @startrek. Is this how world peace happens? Blending fandoms ftw.

FYI moms not knowing the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek is about to get worse

Congrats on the Star Wars gig, JJ Abrams. I have a pitch for making the franchise cool again: put Batman in it.

Time for a logo update @bad_robot?! #StarWars

Leaked JJ Abrams Episode VII opening crawl image: (cc @burnettrm )

JJ Abrams confirmed to direct Star Trek Wars 7: The James Bond Avengers League of Steel

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