Rebel Wilson the toast of Hollywood

22:11, Apr 15 2013
MTV Music Awards
Host Rebel Wilson opens the show at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.
MTV Music Awards
POWER WOMAN: Host Rebel Wilson opens the show at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.
MTV Music Awards
RIP IT OFF: Host Rebel Wilson opens the show at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.
MTV Music Awards
HEY, SEXY: Host Rebel Wilson opens the show at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.
MTV Music Awards
'WARDROBE MALFUNCTION': Host Rebel Wilson at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.
MTV Music Awards
IRON WOMAN: Host Rebel Wilson closes the show at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.

It took two hours of fat jokes, F-bombs and a cameo by a $5000 kangaroo but Rebel Wilson is officially the toast of Hollywood following her hosting debut at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.

Wilson said she wanted to ensure the show had a distinctly Australian feel and so the "fat, simple girl from Australia" opened the show wearing a hot pink tracksuit emblazoned with koalas.

"I think Russell Crowe is a brilliant actor. I think he's the best Australian actor so that's why I take pot shots at him cause I know he's so good that a few pot shots aren't going to hurt but I'd love to do a movie with him so I hope I run into him again and he doesn't just instantly say f--- off," she said.

The patriotic actress, who received two golden popcorn statues for her starring role in Pitch Perfect, looked at ease on stage encouraging Zac Efron to kiss her "down under" and as the "head whore of Les Misérables" in a pre-recorded, superimposed sketch alongside Anne Hathaway.

She admitted the nerves crept in during last-minute rehearsals and as the show started.  

"I was packing it. Absolutely packing it, because at the top of the show I had to sing live and I knew I then had a four minute dance routine, so I was puffing a lot."


While MTV praised the host as "the greatest Australian female host in MTV history", Wilson said hosting an awards ceremony was a personal bucket list item, one she's now checked off and isn't interested in reliving. Not even for her countrymen at the Logies. 

"I don't know whether I would host again. It's pretty nerve wracking because it's not like doing a movie where if you stuff up you can get many takes, like I just had one chance so I don't know whether I'd do it again but I really do think the MTV Movie Awards are the 'funist' award shows."

Kylie Minogue, who was a last minute guest, agreed with Wilson.

"I'm just here hanging out on a red carpet, just a regular Sunday really. I'm looking forward to having a laugh," Minogue said before the paparazzi scrum turned their attention to Kim Kardashian and left the Singing Budgie looking a little bewildered.

Minogue, who has been spotted at numerous functions around LA in the past week, is hoping to take a leaf out of Wilson's book and focus her attention on breaking into the US entertainment scene.

As well as Wilson, other big winners on the night included Will Ferrell, Jamie Fox and Emma Watson who all received special recognition for their contribution to film.

The Avengers and Silver Linings Playbook scooped the awards pool, which is voted on by the public, both films each took home three awards. Including Movie of the Year for The Avengers.

Australian actor Liam Hemsworth presented a highlight of the night - the world first sneak peek at the upcoming The Hunger Games instalment Catching Fire.

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