Boulder movie rolling into Hamilton for special screening

A scene from This Giant Papier Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy.

A scene from This Giant Papier Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy.

A tale of three intrepid earthlings on an unruly adventure is getting a special screening in Hamilton.

Event Cinemas in Chartwell will host the screening of the multi-award winning, New Zealand independent film This Giant Papier Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy on Wednesday, December 14. 

The 8pm screening will be followed by a question and answer session with director Christian Nicolson, and other members of the cast and crew are also likely to be in attendance.

The science fiction/action comedy has been touted as "Galaxy Quest meets Monty Python ... a fun-filled space adventure through a parallel universe ... with giant lizards, deranged warlords, sexy amazon women, [and] muppets".It tells the story of three friends who find themselves unexpectedly thrust into the world of a B-grade 1960s space flick. Trapped in a low-budget universe, they soon discover latex monsters and evil space villains are the least of their problems.

At the helm of a rickety old spaceship they soon stumble into a trouble, make an enemy of the evil lord Froth and rescue an uppity space princess. To make matters worse one of them starts to think he is a sci-fi character

Those considering going are advised to don their best space costumes for the occasion.

Tickets can be bought from

The website for the film has much more information and a trailer for the movie can be found here.


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