Borat's nude scene named No. 1

01:43, Jan 31 2009
COVER YOUR EYES: Sacha Baron Cohen's nude wrestling match with his manager in an American hotel has been named film's No. 1 worst ever nude scene.

Sacha Baron Cohen's nude wrestling match with his overweight manager in Borat has been named the worst nude scene ever caught on film.

The scene, filmed in an American hotel and the climax of the hit movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, was ranked No. 1 in a new list by movie magazine Empire.

The list named the Top 10 Worst Nude Scenes Ever.

Demi Moore's performance in the critical and commercial bomb Striptease was ranked No. 2 because of her "shameful exhibitionism", while the naked and "aging derriere" of Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct was No. 3.

Empire magazine sub-editor Luke Goodsell, who compiled the list, said there were two criteria for nude scenes to make the list.

"Either the scene should be deliberately and fantastically repugnant or, as in most of the cases, draw unintentional laughter on account of the sheer misplaced vanity of the participants."


The entire list, with photos, can be seen in full in the November issue of Empire, which is on shelves now.

Empire magazine's top 10 nude scenes:

1. Sacha Baron Cohen and Ken Davitian - Borat
2. Demi Moore - Striptease
3. Michael Douglas - Basic Instinct
4. Kate Winslet - Titanic
5. Harvey Keitel - The Piano
6. Nicole Kidman - Birth
7. Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell - Miami Vice
8. Lia Beldam and Billie Gibson - The Shining
9. Lin Shaye - There's Something About Mary
10. Female Duck - Howard The Duck

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Anything with Demi Moore or Kate Winslett in it can't be that bad. I would have thought that Kathy Bates in the spa pool in About Schmidt would be right up there!
-Steve Green