Doctor Who goes large for 50th

02:31, Oct 15 2013
The 11 Doctors
The Young Doctor: Matt Smith
The 11 Doctors
The Action Doctor: David Tennant
The 11 Doctors
The Cool Doctor: Christopher Eccleston
The 11 Doctors
The Doctor Everyone Forgets: Paul McGann
The 11 Doctors
The Rude Doctor: Colin Baker
The 11 Doctors
The Jolly Good Show Doctor: Peter Davison
The 11 Doctors
The Mad Doctor: Tom Baker
The 11 Doctors
The Dandy Doctor: Jon Pertwee
The 11 Doctors
The Dark Doctor: Sylvester McCoy
The 11 Doctors
The Shabby Doctor: Patrick Troughton
The 11 Doctors
The First Doctor: William Hartnell
New Who
The Hard Man Doctor: Peter Capaldi

Doctor Who fans will be able to swap the sofa for cinema seats when they hide from the Daleks in the show's upcoming 50th anniversary special.

The BBC has announced a 3-D version of the long-running series' 50th anniversary special, Day of the Doctor, will screen in 3-D at 19 Events, Hoyts and Rialto cinemas around New Zealand on November 24. The episode will be screened on UK television on November 23 - exactly 50 years after the first episode, starring William Hartnell, aired.

Day of the Doctor features Matt Smith and David Tennant as the 11th and 10th version of the Time Lord alongside their companions played by Billie Piper and Jenna Coleman and John Hurt as an unknown regeneration of the doctor.

Doctor Who
Doctor Who is getting the big screen treatment at last.

Little is known of the plot, which continues from the season seven finale, The Name of the Doctor, which introduced Hurt as a previously unheard of version of the character who had done something so unspeakable other versions of the doctor had blocked it from their minds.

Fan speculation suggests it may detail the Great Time War which former show producer Russell T Davies introduced as a back story to suggest why the doctor is the last of the Time Lords when he revived the show in 2005.

Other than the octopus-like Zygons who appeared alongside fourth doctor Tom Baker, the Doctor's oldest foe, the Daleks, are confirmed for the 75-minute special.


Terror of the Zygons has recently been released on DVD in anticipation.

BBC Worldwide Australia & New Zealand's head of marketing brands Sharon Wilson said: "Doctor Who is a British TV institution and we're delighted to have the opportunity to screen this very special episode at cinemas nationwide so fans are able to enjoy the episode in full 3-D."

Cinemagoers can find their nearest screen by checking participating cinema chains' websites,,

Prime is yet to announce its screening time of the show, but on last count 75 countries have agreed to screen Day of the Doctor simultaneously with the BBC.