Jolie labelled 'seriously out of her mind'

More embarrassing emails leak as the White House tries to take control of the situation, but in the meantime the internet leaks controversial assassination scene.

Richard Taylor's love for Wellington

Co-director of the Weta companies, Sir Richard Taylor

Weta Workshop founder Sir Richard Taylor talks about his love for Wellington.

Disney unleashes fat superhero video

BIG HERO: Baymax

Disney's latest superhero hasn't ripped abdominal muscles and biceps. Disney's new superhero is different. He's fat.

How Kim became the target video

Seth Rogen says he was looking to make a comedy, not something serious, with The Interview.

A few weeks ago, when a freshly stoned Seth Rogen sat down for an interview about The Interview, the likelihood of trouble seemed remote.

'Hotbeds of murder and mayhem'

ORPHAN: Bambi lost his mum at an early age.

Bambi's mother is shot by a hunter, Scar sends Mufasa plummeting off a cliff, Nemo's mum is eaten by a barracuda - children's cartoons are rife with violent murders.

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Smart, funny and very human

OBVIOUS CHILD: An entertainingly honest post-riot grrl drama.

REVIEW: Think of Obvious Child as a well delivered retort to the implicit morality tale that lies at the heart of Knocked Up.

Water spoiled by saccharine

REVIEW: The Water Diviner's delicate story collapses under the weight of its leading man and director.

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