Blu-ray review: Final Destination 5

01:06, Apr 26 2012
Final Destination
Final Destination 5: It seems that this fifth version only exists to gross out anyone who dares try and watch it.

Directed by: Steven Quale
Starring: Nicholas D'Agosto, Emma Bell

There really isn't anything you can say about a film series which should have ended several iterations ago, which has been overdone to the point of exhaustion, and which can't even attract a director with his own Wikipedia entry.

Like many others, I was a fan of the original Final Destination; written by X Files scribes James Wong and Glen Morgan, the first entry in the franchise came out just prior to the current crop of splatter-horror films and used an interesting, unique premise to focus more on suspense and chills, instead of relying on gore and cheap scares to shock the audience.

An over-reliance on sickening gore and cheap scares make it seem that this fifth version only exists to gross out anyone who dares try and watch it. At least, that seems to be what everyone involved was going for.

For example, the hallmark of the Final Destination films are the death scenes in which a number of seemingly-unrelated factors fall into place to create a unique and clever sequence of events that lead to a character death.

Yet, after just a few minutes of Final Destination 5, you find yourself cringing as you wait for characters to be dispatched in the most disgusting way possible, whether it's a (needlessly graphic) fall from a bridge, a cauldron of boiling hot tar, or a bundle of metal poles through the chest ... and those three all take place in the first five minutes.

It isn't a smart film, even compared to its splatter-horror peers, and it's entirely populated by the most one-dimensional characters that might have ever been committed to film, played by a collection of terrible actors, directed by a man who doesn't appear to have the ability to draw either a decent shot out of a scene or a decent performance out of an actor.

This is easily the worst entry in the Final Destination franchise. I'd highly recommend giving it a miss.

Special Features include: Alternate Death Scenes featurette; Visual Effects of Death featurette; and Circle of Death, Your Final Destination.