Blu-ray review: Monster's University (Collector's Edition)

22:34, Dec 15 2013
Blu-ray review: Monster's University (Collector's Edition)
Blu-ray review: Monster's University (Collector's Edition)

Monster's University (Collector's Edition)

(Disney Blu-ray, G)

You don't have to have seen Monsters Inc to enjoy Monsters University.

The new movie, from the Pixar stable, is a prequel to Monsters Inc and, from what I have read online, dovetails nicely into the first film.

It's the story of the first meeting between Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) and James P. Sullivan (John Goodman) who were such hits in the first Monsters movie.


Before I viewed this, with my two oldest children who are 6 and 7, my wife was concerned that it might be a little scary for them. But both watched this ludicrous tale, of the place where monsters learn to scare, with wide eyes wonder and amusement.

The monsters are sympathetic characters trying to learn their trade, any humans are unsuspecting victims. No harm comes to them, but they are scared out of their wits.

There may be a few scenes, at the film's conclusion, which might worry those youngsters of the most nervous dispositions, but I would expect they would be hard to find.

At its heart this is an animated kid's film which adults can join them in watching and all can have some fun.

The Collector's Edition 2 Disc Blu-ray and Digital Copy inlcudes two hours of behind the scense special features. There's plenty here if you want to plan a monster movie session.