DVD review: Lovelace

01:57, Feb 14 2014


(Roadshow Entertainment, R16)

There's ''deep throat'' and then there's ''deep throat''. Both were iconic and occurred in 1972. However, put the Watergate scandal aside, this is about the biography of porn's deep throat, Linda Boreman, known as Linda Lovelace.

The biopic, Lovelace, shows an insight into the violent, early life Lovelace. Yep, it's got violence, domestic violence, but this is done in a palatable way, because there's really no nice way to make a movie about a person getting beaten by their partner.

It's a slow burner, but it pulls no, er, punches.

Lovelace herself, it's revealed, got dealt quite a few punches and other attacks by her controlling husband Chuck Traynor. In an era where leaving your husband wasn't the done thing, Lovelace felt she had no choice but to put up with a barrage of violent abuse. Although she put out a book, back in the day, this movie gives those of us born post the 70s an insight into her life, beyond the sheets.

If the storyline doesn't grab you, the cast might.

Lovelace is played extraordinarly well by Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia, Red Riding Hood) and is one of nearly a dozen Hollywood stars. Peter Sarsgaard (Jarhead, Green Lantern) plays the abusive Traynor, while James Franco (127 hours) plays the fleeting role of Hugh Hefner. Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct) takes a break from her acting hiatus to play the role of Lovelace's traditional mother, Dorothy, while Robert Patrick (Terminator) plays father, John. A stunning cast and a surprisingly good, well-worth watching movie about a young woman stuck in an abusive relationship.

Until the day she had the guts to free herself.