DVD review: Beyond The Edge

03:33, Mar 28 2014
DVD review: Beyond The Edge
DVD review: Beyond The Edge

DVD review: Beyond The Edge


Reviewed by Chris Gardner

Not another retelling of Hillary's conquest of Everest I thought as I opened the courier bag containing the Beyond The Edge DVD.

It's been over half a century since humble Kiwi bee keeper who became a mountaineer, Sir Edmund Hillary,  "knocked the bastard off".And the story must have been told and retold at least once for every New Zealander alive.

What could Beyond The Edge deliver that hadn't been seen before? Not a lot in one way, and quite a bit in another.

Half this documentary is made up of actual footage of Hillary and the British led team he was a part of. So that's all been seen ad infinitum. The other half is brand new footage that appears to be shot in stunning high definition of a bunch of lookalikes who help string the archival material together. So that's all fresh.

While the resemblances are staggeringly accurate there's no need for soundalikes as the whole film is narrated using audio from a few archival interviews with those involved.

This is a documentary then, which happens to use a few actors to help tell the story, rather than a dramatised film version and it's well worth a watch.