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Inert Life greatly disappoints

There's a distinct lack of terror in Life.

REVIEW: Two major shadows loom over Ryan Reynolds' Life - Alien and Gravity.

Aquarius' delights are in the details

Aquarius marks a triumphant return to form for Brazilian actress Sonia Braga.

REVIEW: This Brazilian drama is, in short, bloody wonderful.

Powerful Ropes evokes sense of place

Uelese Petaia's understated performance makes One Thousand Ropes' drama all the more powerful.

REVIEW: One Thousand Ropes is a slow-burning drama that gets under your skin and stays with you for days.

Life offers nothing new

While you are watching Life, there is an unavoidable sense that we have seen all this before and better.

REVIEW: Life pretty much unfolds as you might be expecting if you've ever watched Alien or The Thing.

Braga all the rage in Aquarius

Sonia Braga is simply superb in Aquarius.

REVIEW: Aquarius is compelling story which boasts both a jaw-dropping twist and a satisfying denouement.

Cure leaves you sick with disappointment

Dane DeHaan stars in A Cure For Wellness.

REVIEW: Why last act madness is the disease that kills Gore Verbinski's Cure.

Disney's new Beast is a beauty

Fear not - Disney's latest version of the "tale as old as time" is just as timeless and tear-jerking.

REVIEW: New and a bit alarming. Who'd have ever thought this could be? But Disney's live-action Beast is a Beauty.

Loving portrays the human side of history

Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga star in Loving.

REVIEW: Loving is something with no bells and whistles, no CGI - just a good story with great acting.

Oversized primate Skull's primary attraction

Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson play second fiddle to the eponymous great ape in Kong: Skull Island.

REVIEW: The latest King Kong adventure is a mixture of Tremors, Pacific Rim and Madagascar 2 with a side order of Joseph Conrad.

Trespass subverts nasty stereotypes

Michael Fassbender and Brendan Gleeson play son and father in Trespass Against Us.

REVIEW: If this plot follows a predictable path, at least it's one peppered by two terrific performances.

NZ drama that matches the world's best

Frankie Adams and Uelese Petaia both deliver stunning performances in One Thousand Ropes.

REVIEW: One Thousand Ropes is simultaneously mystical, gorgeously photographed and often very hard to watch.

Sinking Pacific finds its feet late on

Josh Thomson and Megan Stevenson star in Gary of the Pacific

The creators of 7 Days struggle to create a coherent 90-minute comedy

Half-baked Island comedy disappoints

Even the undoubted talents of Josh Thomson can't lift the limp Gary of the Pacific.

REVIEW: Sporadically funny, Gary feels surprisingly dated for a project put together by a team best known for a topical comedy show.

Pacific comedy does just enough

Josh Thomson and Dave Fane display plenty of comedy chops in Gary of the Pacific.

REVIEW: The individual moments and scenes that make up this Kiwi island comedy's brief running-time are occasionally very funny.

Opinion: Why Beauty is the best

1991's Beauty and the Beast is a "tale as old as time" for all ages.

OPINION: If it is not Baroque, why are Disney trying to "fix" their Beauty?

More Ma, less ensemble needed

Yo Yo Ma has been performing for US Presidents and other dignitaries since the age of seven. .

REVIEW: A documentary that takes viewers inside the Yo Yo-ing fortunes of the Silk Road Ensemble

Loving fails to do story justice

Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga star in Loving.

REVIEW: Despite ticking all the "worthy movie" boxes, Loving fails to leave the mark it should.

Trespass nicely underplayed

Michael Fassbender and Brendan Gleeson play two generations of the same family in Trespass Against Us.

REVIEW: There's a nicely underplayed quality to Trespass, with good performances across the board

Impressive Cat maybe a little too 'street'

Luke Treadaway and Bob the Cat himself start in A Street Cat Named Bob

REVIEW: Kind of a cross between Once, Trainspotting, the films of Ken Loach and That Darn Cat, Roger Spottiswoode's film is a touch too gritty, raising too many questions for young audiences.

Terrific Thomson lifts Pacific comedy

Josh Thomson and Dave Fane in Gary of the Pacific.

REVIEW: Gary of the Pacific bounces along pleasantly and doesn't outstay its welcome.

Promising Kong eventually unravels

Not helping Kong: Skull Island at all is a second-half that looks to have been edited together with play scissors and ...

REVIEW: It's only, really, when the giant ape appears and starts swatting choppers out of the sky like so many rickety, canvas biplanes, that Kong: Skull Island's holes start to appear.

Intense Fall a step up

Before I Fall goes beyond the high school stereotypes,to explore much darker themes.

REVIEW: Before I Fall - deeper and darker than your average teen movie.

Honest and big-hearted stuff

Luke Treadaway and Bob the Cat make a surprisingly effective and emotionally compelling team in A Street Cat Named Bob

REVIEW: A Street Cat Named Bob is a completely watchable, occasionally quite-moving and very unexpectedly gritty little film.

Kong's CGI overshadows cast

Kong: Skull Island squanders of the provent talents of actors like Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson.

REVIEW: In Kong: Skull Island, the only arc is the one taken by burning helicopters being hurled to the ground by the eponymous beast.

Satisfying adventure in the Twilight zone

Before I Fall's Sam Kingston might be "the girl with no future", but on this evidence, star Zoey Deutch certainly has a ...

REVIEW: Before I Fall is at is best in its update and subversion of John Hughes-esque 80s teen movie tropes and Mean Girls moments.

Logan - No Country for Old Mutants

In Logan, Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman reprise their beloved X-Men characters one more time.

REVIEW: With Logan, the superhero movie genre comes of age.

Headshot: Action-pig heaven

Headshot offers martial arts gun-ballet on steroids and crank, with everything wound up to eleventy

REVIEW: Headshot has more than enough limb-snapping, kidney ripping, chopsticking, shotgunning and bad-guy-stabbing action to keep the most ardent action fan happy for days.

Chilling look at US gun control

Texas' "Open Carry" movement are one of the focuses of the new documentary Under the Gun.

REVIEW: Wondering what happens when folks abuse the "constitutional right to bear arms". Under The Gun paints a grim picture.

How not to make a comedy

In Fist Fight, Ice Cube's history teacher loses his cool with a fellow educator played by Charlie Day.

REVIEW: Fist Fight is a puerile, ploddingly predictable comedy that somehow also attempts to draw attention to the plight of the US education.

Logan has the right X-Factor

Dafne Keen joins Hugh Jackman for the latest X-Men outing Logan.

REVIEW: Jaw-dropping violence aside, Logan is a very touching family story.

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