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Beyond brings Trek's fun back

New characters like Jaylah (Sofia Boutella) join regulars like Scotty (Simon Pegg) in Star Trek Beyond.

REVIEW: Beyond is exactly what a Star Trek movie only ever really needs to be – a great episode

Gyllenhaal at his best in Demolition

Naomi Watts stars opposite an impressive Jake Gyllenhaal in Demolition.

REVIEW: Only surefooted and witty direction saves Jake Gyllenhaal's latest film from obscurity

Sundays a little ripper

In A Month of Sundays, Anthony LaPaglia does extremely well to hold his own against the force of nature that is John Clarke.

REVIEW: John Clarke stars in a slow-burning li'l Australian whimsy that is several good things wrapped up in a bun

Ghostbusters a missed opportunity

The climax of Ghostbusters lacks emotion and any sense of danger.

Ghostbusters is a decent reboot but it has some fatal flaws that let it down.

New Ghostbusters actually works

Ghostbusters isn't quite a remake and neither is it a sequel, it runs its own sweetly daft and overblown path.

REVIEW: At times, the all-female "reimagining" is nothing like the Ghostbusters you might have expected.

A clever and admirable film

Martin Landau and Christopher Plummer star in the impressive new drama Remember.

REVIEW: Christopher Plummer pulls off a performance for the ages

There's something about Roald

Between his performance and the special-effects wizards, Mark Rylance convinces as a big fellow with an even bigger ...

REVIEW: A tale that will delight Dahl fans and newcomers alike.

Simply superlative superior drama

Martin Landau and Christopher Plummer star in the impressive new drama Remember.

REVIEW: Christopher Plummer's latest one of the best films of 2016 so far

Siblings' schtick quickly goes stale

Adam Devine and Zac Efron fail to provide many laughs in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

REVIEW: Zac Efron's latest is a cringe comedy filled with questionable characters behaving badly

Trading places Central to success

A little Kevin Hart and a big Dwayne Johnson go a long way in providing a good night's entertainment in Central Intelligence.

REVIEW: Action-comedy provides a terrific platform for former WWE wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to showcase his comedic timing and 1000-watt smile

Even bland Anne a welcome change

Martin Sheen and Ellen Ballentine star in the latest adaptation of Anne of Green Gables.

REVIEW: There's a lot to like about this children's adventure that doesn't involve talking animals or people who wear capes.

Staying true to a classic

Ella Ballentine and Martin Sheen star in Anne of Green Gables.

REVIEW: This is timeless drama, intelligently and affectionately done.

BFG - A Dahl classic

Eleven-year-old Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) is an orphan, living in an orphanage that looks like it's been left over from Dickens.

REVIEW: Mark Rylance delivers a layered, nuanced and utterly trustworthy performance in Spielberg's BFG.

An entertainingly naughty romp

Tom Bennett steals scenes, while Kate Beckinsale takes centre stage in Love & Friendship.

REVIEW: Kate Beckinsale shines in one of the most entertaining 18th Century-set stories in years.

Dough a daring dramedy

Jonathan Pryce and Pauline Collins star in Dough.

REVIEW: Jonathan Pryce's latest offers plenty to enjoy for those who like their humour broad and their drama kitchen sink.

Collision leaves little impact

Scrat's antics might slow down the central plot of Ice Age: Collison Course, but he certainly provides the biggest laughs.

REVIEW: Hollywood's dedicated animated franchise for littlies delivers another solid, if unspectacular dose of prehistoric, preschooler friendly antics.

Now Showing: Belle & Sebastian: The Adventure Continues

Belle & Sebastian: The Adventure Continues might seem like a boys' own adventure, but it's the girls who steal the show.

REVIEW: A jam-packed jaunt that features plenty of domestic drama, danger and doggy derring do

Now Showing: The Legend of Tarzan

Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard is the latest to take on the role of Tarzan.

REVIEW: Filled with dangerous animals, deceitful humans and plenty of derring-do, action fans get plenty of bang for their buck in the latest cinematic incarnation of Edge Rice Burroughs' "King of the Jungle".

Tarzan still king of the swingers

Starring Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgard, The Legend of Tarzan is smart, streamlined and relevant, even to a ...

REVIEW: This take on Edgar Rice Burroughs' iconic character leaves the main character pretty much as he was written, but radically and cheerfully updates everyone else.

Dynamic duo deliver the laughs

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart wring every possible laugh out of Central Intelligence's script.

REVIEW: In the hands of a couple of less likeable performers, this could have been the sorriest load of old rubbish you'll see all year.

Musical offers lots of laughs

Newcomer Ferdia Walsh-Peelo is simply superb as Sing Street's singer-songwriter Conor Lalor.

REVIEW: This bittersweet Irish-set tale is sure to strike a chord with anyone who remembers the thrill of being young and in love.

Stupid sequel can't recapture past

Even the charisma and chisel-jawed good looks of Liam Hemsworth can't redeem Independence Day: Resurgence.

REVIEW: Two decades on, the catastrophe ought to be mind-blowing, but instead it's incoherent and thus unaffecting.

Great Kate heads a fabulous cast

Chloe Sevigny and Kate Beckinsale star in the impressive Love & Friendship.

REVIEW: Whit Stillman's astonishing adaptation of Jane Austen's novella Lady Susan is one of the cleverest and most entertaining cinema trips you'll make all year.

Sublime adaptation of timeless tale

Central to The BFG's charm is the relationship between Mark Rylance's giant and Ruby Barnhill's Sophie.

REVIEW: Steven Spielberg's latest is a lovingly crafted, sublime bit of live-action-with-clever-CGI filmmaking

Dory: Falls just short of classic

FFXENT. Supplied image of  Finding Dory.

Video review: It's Memento! With fish!

Casting, chutzpah lifts Sing Street

Ferdia Walsh Peelo plays Conor with a lovely mix of vulnerability and insouciance in Sing Street.

REVIEW: John Carney's latest is every against-the-odds musical ever made, but set against an authentically gritty backdrop

Dory: Less exposition, more expedition

Finding Dory boasts glorious visuals and action.

REVIEW: It's Memento! With fish!

A tale worth killing time with

The charismatic Alexander Fehling plays Johann Radmann in Labyrinth of Lies.

 REVIEW: Drama provides a fascinating look at a still seemingly suppressed turning point in German history

First-class family fun

Dory might have her name in the title, but it's Hank the octopus who steals the show in Pixar's latest production.

REVIEW: Like so many Pixar productions, Dory's delights are in the details.

Now Showing: Mr Right

Even the combined talents of Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell can prevent Mr Right from going horribly wrong.

REVIEW: Sam Rockwell, Anna Kendrick action-comedy is a serious misfire.

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