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It's not about the food

He might look like a cross between David Crosby, Bill Bailey and a 1970s Bond villain, but the avuncular Jonathan Gold ...

REVIEW: An entertaining and engrossing portrait of an eccentric food critic

Tuckett's flix: Tickled, The Nice Guys

David Farrier filming Tickled.

Our resident movie buff talks online bullying and the weird, weird world of competitive tickling.

A rollicking good ride

The Nice Guys proves Shane Black still has the magic touch when it comes to dynamic duos.

REVIEW: The Nice Guys is all about its characters and every single one of them knocks it out of the park.

The real deal

Tickled is brave, occasionally disturbing, always thought-provoking and – still – hugely entertaining.

REVIEW: Farrier and Reeve have unearthed a web of lies, blackmail, fraud, abuse and online bullying that is truly breathtaking.

Black is back

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling's sheer disarming likeability is a major strength of The Nice Guys.

REVIEW: Ticks every box for an R-rated good time.

Nice visuals, shame about the plot

Johnny Depp doesn't even seem to bother trying to make his collection of affectations into an actual character in Alice ...

REVIEW: Fun for the very young or the chemically addled, but a bit of a slog those wanting a story

A clever and satisfying caper

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling light up the screen and offer up plenty of humour in The Nice Guys.

REVIEW: Russell and Ryan combine for a crime caper comedy that's funny than Deadpool

Now Showing: Where to Invade Next

Michael Moore is sufficiently warm and encouraging towards his subjects to garner some fantastic observations in Where ...

Even for Kiwis, Michael Moore's latest provides uncomfortably relevant viewing

A heart-pounding journey

Tickled is a brave and crucial investigation into an insidious attempt to ruin people's lives

REVIEW: David Farrier's trip down the rabbit hole into the world of "competitive endurance tickling" is an enthralling watch

A zero-budget labour to love

Siavani directs and stars in Groove City.

REVIEW: Watchable, likeable, and often completely lovable from beginning to end

Franchise still has the X-Factor

The only really surprising thing about Apocalypse is just how good it is.

REVIEW: As superbly put together though it is, this feels like another chapter in the tale, rather than a fully satisfying and self-enclosed story of its own.

The passionate pinko is back

In Where to Invade Next, Michael Moore takes us on a whistle-stop tour of social policies around the world that appear ...

REVIEW: As always, Michael Moore is a terrific, passionate and unfailingly likeable guide.

Apocalypse can't recapture Past glory

Even a powerfully poignant Michael Fassbender can't lift X-Men: Apocalypse to great heights.

REVIEW: This time the trilogy-ending deflation comes with more than a hint of deja vu

Kiwi-shot tale has clunky charm

South African actress Cele du Plessis is the star of the Kiwi-set road movie The Greenstone.

REVIEW: Unintentional laughs, clunky dialogue, but at least this NZ-shot tale is pleasantly optimistic

Fragmented Apocalypse falls shorts

Acting talent like Michael Fassbender would have been far better served by having a stronger script for X-Men: Apocalypse.

REVIEW: The latest X-Men outing often feels like two movies – the well-acted, serious one with Fassbender speaking convincing Polish, and a throwback to the 1980s, gate-crashed by a Sith Lord

Picturesque and enjoyably boisterous

Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter needs to be rescued from self-imposed isolation in Alice Through the Looking Glass.

REVIEW: Producer Tim Burton's fingerprints and sensibilities are all over this sort-of-sequel

Gritty approach boosts Elba's latest

Idris Elba and Richard Madden are the main bromantic duo in Bastille Day.

REVIEW: Bastille Day is a better-than-average Friday night popcorn flogger.

New Neighbours a delightful surprise

Central to the success of Bad Neighbours 2 are some committed performances by the returning trio of  Seth Rogen, Rose ...

REVIEW: In between the predictable chaos of Seth Rogen's latest effort are a few nuggets of comedy gold

Poached comedy still has sunny side

Despite sporting eyebrows Cara Delevigne would be proud of, Red is on the outer in Angry Birds.

REVIEW: Mobile game spinoff walks the line well between pre-tween friendly action and providing something their parents can enjoy

Seth's sequel surprise

Bad Neighbours 2 keeps and even improves on the crassness, energy and physicality that made the first film a hit, but ...

REVIEW: This Seth Rogen sequel is a big improvement on the original, while still retaining the same elements that made that movie a hit

A white-knuckle thriller

In Neerja, Sonam Kapoor plays an air hostess caught up in a terrifying terrorist hijacking.

REVIEW: A gripping and gut-wrenching thiller that will make you look at Indian cinema again

Elba's latest offers intelligent action

Idris Elba and Richard Madden trade criticisms and witticisms in Bastille Day.

REVIEW: Smartly written, multicultural and thematically relevant, Bastille Day is a blast

A compelling quartet

Noam Chomsky appears both in the flesh and animated form in Notes to Eternity.

REVIEW: You'll learn more here about what's actually happening in Israel and Palestine than you would in a lifetime of watching TV news and politicians' speeches

Review: Captain America: Civil War

An ethical difference in view gets physical for Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) in Captain ...

Captain America: Civil War has a heart as big as its roster of superheroes.

A gorgeously assembled tale

Miriama McDowell and Renee Lyons star in The Great Maiden's Blush.

REVIEW: New Kiwi movie has been made by film-makers dripping with intelligence, flair and vision

Review: Captain America: Civil War

Captain America faces off with his pal, Iron Man, in Captain America: Civil War.

When a movie like this comes along it's time to put the snobbery aside and just get on board.

Marvellous entertainment

Captain America: Civil War sees the red, white and blue hero and friends on the wrong side of the law.

REVIEW: Marvel's latest feels more like a Bond film than your traditional fantasy costume drama

Civil War raises the bar

Old friends Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jnr) find themselves in conflict in Captain ...

REVIEW: Never give five stars to a movie based on comic-book characters? Nuts to that.

Streep shines in entertaining biopic

Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep play husband and wife in Florence Foster Jenkins.

REVIEW: Stephen Frears delivers a competent yarn that won't disappoint anyone it appeals to

Meryl's mean-spirited "comedy"

Even the combined talents of Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep can't save the dire Florence Foster Jenkins.

Streep's latest is impossible to watch without sitting in a pool of damp discomfort

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