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Old geezer gang round robbin'

Going in Style is as predictable as the sun coming up tomorrow.

REVIEW: Tale of twinkly-wrinklies robbing a bank's nothing new but it has enough tricks to make it a sure-fire hit.

Rugby drama breaks new ground

Handsome Devil: When Conor (Nicholas Galitzine) met Ned (Fionn O'Shea).

REVIEW: Handsome Devil is a charming and charismatic coming-of-age story that's part Dead Poets Society, part Sing Street.

Review: Raw brutal and brilliant

French Horror film Raw is visceral and great.

The French horror is a smart, painfully black comedy about what happens when a young vegetarian begins to eat meat.

Guardians 2 hell of a good time

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

REVIEW: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will keep you grinning but the storyline is nowhere near as good as the original.

Vast scenery, sparse storytelling

The film could have portrayed what could only be described as a parent's worst nightmare better.

REVIEW: Beyond the Known World's stylish, speedy pace leaves little time to explore the emotional side of a parent's worst nightmare.

Harrowing, haunting and highly memorable cinema

Garance Marrillier delivers a mesmerising performance as a young woman whose struggles to fit in are overcome by ...

REVIEW: It might not be for the faint-hearted or squeamish – but that doesn't mean Raw isn't one of the most visceral, vital and visually inventive films you're likely to see this year.

Vibrant script elevates courtroom drama

Timothy Spall delivers an accomplished performance in Denial.

REVIEW: Denial is a gripping and fascinating insight into libel law and the Holocaust.

Fate's furious fun owes debt to Bond

Charlize Theron joins the party in The Fate of the Furious.

REVIEW: It's pretty hard to hate something as gloriously nutty as Furious 8.

Blue is the Smurfiest colour

Is Smurfette still the only "girl" in the village? All is revealed in Smurfs: The Lost Village.

REVIEW: This Smurfy animated-adventure boasts a tween-potent combination of brightly coloured visuals, toe-tapping tunes, empowered female protagonists and no shortage of sass.

Dance offers real and raw drama

In Dance Academy, Tara (Xenia Goodwin) decides to take one last crack at her dance dream.

REVIEW: Likeable characters, relevant issues and entertaining dance numbers combine to create a very enjoyable teen dance flick.

Aussie Dance movie a Step Up from usual fare

Based on the popular Aussie TV series that ran for 65 episodes and three seasons from 2010 to 2013, Dance Academy is a ...

REVIEW: Why this Aussie tale is the best teen dance movie since Save the Last Dance.

Fateful eight's furious action never abates

Charlize Theron joins the all-action party in The Fate of the Furious.

REVIEW: After the last installment's relative restraint, this high-octane series is now back doing what it's always done best:

A taut, thought-provoking thriller

Timothy Spall is the actor who steals the show in Denial, playing Holocaust denier David Irving.

REVIEW: Rachel Weisz's latest is a compelling courtroom drama, peppered with some truly sublime performances.

Intriguing, intimate Indian-set drama

David Wenham and Sia Trokenheim help sell Beyond the Known World's drama.

REVIEW: In her latest film, Sia Trokenheim displays an impressive maturity and depth of performance.

Buttoned-down good humour and charm

Sam Claflin and Gemma Arterton in Their Finest.

REVIEW: Rom-com about screenwriters trying to build morale in wartime Britain is a delight.

Few blocks short of awesome

The superhero parodies are cute and clever in The Lego Batman Movie.

REVIEW: The writing in The Lego Batman Movie sends everything else into lacklustre territory.

Ghost in the Shell vs Get Out video

Scarlett Johansson as she appears as "Major" in "Ghost in the Shell".

OPINION: Both movies have similar concepts, but Get Out is a better Ghost in the Shell than Ghost in the Shell is.

Wondering what to do with the kids?

FFXENT. Supplied image of  The Lego Batman Movie.

Graeme Tuckett gets animated about the Lego Batman and Smurfs: the Hidden Village for the school hols.

Their Finest lives up to its name

In Their Finest, Gemma Arterton shows why she is quickly becoming one of the finest British actress' of her generation, ...

REVIEW: A picture to win the war and leave you enthralled.

Baby likely to boss holiday fare

The Boss Baby is brightly coloured, slickly animated and boasts just the right slapstick-to-smart-gags quotient.

REVIEW; The Boss Baby might just be the most fun for young and old at the movies these school holidays.

Spoilers: How bad is Man Down? video

Actor Shia LaBeouf attendd the photocall for the  "Man Down" at the 72nd Venice Film Festival in 2015.

SPOILERS: Headlines said it sold just one ticket at the UK box office. Is Shia LaBeouf's new film that bad?

Stylish and seriously unsettling Shopper

Kristen Stewart is the one who sells both Personal Shopper's spiritualism and sartorial excesses.

REVIEW: Kristen Stewart's latest an atmospheric thriller that evokes memories of the best of Lynch, Hitchcock, De Palma and Argento.

Bat to the Future

Lego Batman: dark as night, funny as hell - for adults at least.

REVIEW: Chris McKay's freewheeling and anarchic Lego sequel will reward long-serving Bat-fans.

Rancid CHIPS 20 years past use-by date

CHIPS takes a much-loved, more-than-three-decades-old family-orientated series and transforms it into something ...

REVIEW: Why the CHIPS remake is more Dukes of Hazzard than 21 Jump St.

Lego Batman's Trump ties

Batman discovers he may have to embrace teamwork to overcome enemies in the movie.

Inside jokes for Bat fans are abound in the frenetic Lego take on Batman.

Animated sequel simply Smurfy

The visuals in Smurfs: The Lost Village have clearly been designed to excite more than just the single-digit age group ...

REVIEW: Peyo's creations once again do the business like the all-singing, all-dancing, indigo-skinned, squeaky-voiced and defiantly surreal champions they are.

Why CHIPS is the PITS

Michael Pena and Dax Shepard star in the painful "reimagining" of much-loved TV show CHIPS.

REVIEW: CHIPS won't just waste 100 minutes of your life, it will also destroy your affection for the original show.

Broadchurch: About that sock

Kelly Gough as Laura Benson, whose attack, two years ago, bears similarities to Trish's.

SPOILERS: With only three episodes to go, you've think the pool of suspects would be a little shallower. You'd be wrong.

Ghost in the Shell looks, feels incredible

Scarlett Johansson stars in Ghost in the Shell, which wows with its  stunning set design, innovative makeup and costuming

REVIEW: Ghost in the Shell delivers an engaging story, an intelligent script and universally fine performances from an eclectic cast.

Lego mainlines fun, DC take note

Unlike last year's Batman vs Superman, The Lego Batman Movie offers  up fun, pace and really, really good writing.

REVIEW: Anarchic animated-adventure pays a true fans' homage to the best of the character, while sending up Batman's many ridiculous conceits.

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