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Thrilling Figures a timely tale

Hidden Figures is both an eye-opener into a side of segregated America most viewers will not have seen, and an immensely ...

REVIEW: While there are moments of high tension, Hidden Figures excels in its more personal moments.

Moonlight a breath of fresh air

Barry Jenkins' strengths in telling this straightforward yet devastating story are manifold, from the beautiful ...

REVIEW: Moonlight avoids all the cliches of gangster life, poverty and budding homosexuality.

Watch: xXx - dumb as

Vin Diesel Flashes Sign At 'xXx: The Return of Xander Cage' Mexico Premiere

It's weapons grade stupid, but like anything this moronic, it's hard to look away.

A perfectly judged evocation of grief

Both Michelle Williams and Casey Affleck are devastatingly superb in Manchester By The Sea.

REVIEW: Manchester By The Sea is a miraculous piece of writing and performance.

Restless Night fails to fire

Despite a terrific cast, Ben Affleck's Live By Night just feels a little too episodic to really truly compel.

REVIEW: Ben Affleck's latest feels both sprawling and once-over-lightly

Timely celebration of unsung Figures

Whether you watch it as a true-life story of the space race, a segregation-era drama, or simply as a deft and ...

REVIEW: Hidden Figures is a deft retrieval of America's greatest technological achievements to a place where they can actually be celebrated by the people who made them possible.

Stupid taken to new levels

Vin Diesel might not sometimes quite look the part, but that doesn't stop XXX: The Return of Xander Cage from being ...

REVIEW: Vin Diesel's Xander Cage returns in a physics-defying, thunderously loud, candy-coated and joyously preposterous load of weapons-grade stupidity.

New Pie lacks original's relish

Seen as a standalone movie, Pork Pie gets a pass as a sporadically funny action comedy with a couple of nicely-staged ...

REVIEW: Pork Pie is a sporadically funny action comedy, but fails to answer the questions as to why a remake was necessary

Shining Moonlight truly stellar

Moonlight is lyrical, insightful and human, from film-makers who will brook no dishonesty or cliché.

REVIEW: Moonlight is indelibly and undeniably, one of a decent handful of truly great films I've seen in the past year.

Child actor the heart of Lion

Lion's Sunny Pawar delivers a simply superb performance.

REVIEW: Both an incredible true story and shameless advert for the powers of Google Earth, Lion is an emotional, compelling watch thanks to some terrific performances and one key decision.

Middle School offers delightful diversion

The pranks are the best part of Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life.

REVIEW: Middle School is an entertaining slice of Disney Channel-esque subversive comedy that will appeal to both tweens and adults

Lion a tale of raw emotion

In Lion, the charismatic Dev Patel does a fine Aussie accent.

Review: Lion is the sort of film you could easily go into feeling cynical, but every aspect of its production makes it worthy.

Fascinating and harrowing viewing

Natalie Portman's superb performance as distraught widow is underscored by the tension between her right to privately ...

With a great cast and evident dedication to accurately relaying history, Jackie is an often devastating watch.

You'll fall hard for Jackie and Elle

Natalie Portman in Jackie.

Review: Graeme Tuckett reviews films featuring his picks for 2017's Best Actress nods.

An amazing tale of girl power

Thirteen-year-old Mongolian Aisholpan is the star of The Eagle Huntress.

Derring do and coincidence help create stunning documentary

Portman perfect for Jackie's grief

At the heart of Jackie, Natalie Portman turns in a title performance that is unearthly and impressive.

Review: Natalie Portman's latest serves up a succession of stunning narrative choices.

Tale dogged by big sky ideas

Despite the presence of an Aussie acting legend like Bryan Brown, it's all about the pooch in Red Dog: True Blue.

REVIEW: Red Dog prequel evokes memories of the adventures of Skippy the bush kangaroo

Monster strictly for the most distractable

There simply isn't enough story in Monster Trucks to sustain the film.

REVIEW: Monster Trucks is a knockabout hybrid of Cars, Pete's Dragon with a side-order of E.T. which falls flat and fast.

Hoorah for Huppert

Elle demands more of Isabelle Huppert than most performers will be asked to give in their entire careers.

REVIEW: Why Paul Verhoeven's polarising film deserved its Golden Globes

Sweet but unspectacular Ballerina

Like its heroine, Ballerina has its flaws.

REVIEW: Though pretty and certainly pleasant, this French-Canadian animated feature is also very predictable.

Seventeen mostly for teens

Hailee Steinfeld and Hayden Szeto star in The Edge of Seventeen.

REVIEW: The Edge of Seventeen speaks to today's teens and they should totally go see it.

One of the worst films ever?

Even the combined charisma of Helen Mirren and Will Smith can't save Collateral Beauty.

REVIEW: Have we already found the worst movie of 2017?

Catch offers plenty of viewing hooks

The Catch only falters with some of its sketchy stereotyped characters and predictable plotting.

REVIEW: Those who enjoy broad comedies will be hooked by Kiwi movie The Catch.

Nice chemistry, shame about the plot

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence star in Passengers.

REVIEW: Purely as big-screen entertainment, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence's latest does deliver some spectacle and engagement.

The Best Films of 2016

The Green Room offered up Patrick Stewart has you've never seen him before.

From Spotlight to The Salesman - Sarah Watt picks out her favourite films from the past year

Alcohol-fuelled farce entertains

Naomi Battrick and Ellie Kendrick play sisters who are among the Todday locals trying to hang onto their ill-gotten ...

REVIEW: Whisky Galore is for those who like characters who haver and their comedy braw,

A genuinely inspirational film

Aisholpan Nurgaiv was the first girl ever to learn the ancient art of raising and training Mongolian golden eagles as ...

Review: If Disney had made this, you'd call it a wee bit contrived.

Miscasting mars Creed movie video

In Assassin's Creed, Michael Fassbender never manages to impart any sense of fun or anarchy.

REVIEW: Assassin's Creed is more proof that actors aren't the people you want in a video game adaptation.

La La Land: Now That's Entertainment

The chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone is there for all to see in La La Land.

REVIEW: La La Land's real charm is in the fact these actors are not indentured musical monkeys.

Steinfeld shines in Seventeen

Hailee Steinfeld's Nadine is one of many credible, likeable and utterly believable creations in The Edge of Seventeen.

REVIEW: This teen-orientated rom-dram is a bit special

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