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Review: Captain America: Civil War

An ethical difference in view gets physical for Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) in Captain ...

Captain America: Civil War has a heart as big as its roster of superheroes.

A gorgeously assembled tale

Miriama McDowell and Renee Lyons star in The Great Maiden's Blush.

REVIEW: New Kiwi movie has been made by film-makers dripping with intelligence, flair and vision

Review: Captain America: Civil War

Captain America faces off with his pal, Iron Man, in Captain America: Civil War.

When a movie like this comes along it's time to put the snobbery aside and just get on board.

Marvellous entertainment

Captain America: Civil War sees the red, white and blue hero and friends on the wrong side of the law.

REVIEW: Marvel's latest feels more like a Bond film than your traditional fantasy costume drama

Civil War raises the bar

Old friends Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jnr) find themselves in conflict in Captain ...

REVIEW: Never give five stars to a movie based on comic-book characters? Nuts to that.

Streep shines in entertaining biopic

Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep play husband and wife in Florence Foster Jenkins.

REVIEW: Stephen Frears delivers a competent yarn that won't disappoint anyone it appeals to

Same Shtick, different day

Mother's Day brings together two of the '90s and noughties most popular rom-com stars - Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson.

REVIEW: Mirth-free movie is a Generation X fever dream

Touching, informative, forgettable

Jeremy Irons and Dev Patel star in The Man Who Knew Infinity.

REVIEW: The Man Who Knew Infinity - a conventional biopic for an unconventional man

Moral issues sidetrack drone-strike movie

Helen Mirren as Colonel Powell in Eye in the Sky

Eye in the Sky is a movie for anyone fascinated with drones.

Doco puts spotlight on unsung musical legend

Mavis Staples' amazing voice is perfectly described in a new documentary as "sensual, without being carnal".

REVIEW: Mavis! mixes fascinating information, terrific interviewees and loads of great live performance footage

Animated Gallipoli tale lacks depth

By using only the impressions of the people "on the ground" at Gallipoli, 25 April condemns itself to lacking any sort ...

REVIEW: 25 April wants so much to pay respect to our troops and their bravery, that it ends up disrespecting pretty much everything else

Dynamic duo lift Eagle tale video

Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton's committed performances are the key to the success of Eddie the Eagle.

REVIEW: Eddie the Eagle biopic just about makes it to the credits without collapsing under the weight of its own contrivances.

Who's the boss? Not The Boss

Melissa McCarthy plays Michelle Darnell in The Boss.

Melissa McCarthy certainly wasn't the boss she needed to be in this one.

Motherhood creates unlikely bond

Miriama McDowell stars as Bunni, a young woman with a tragic past.

REVIEW: The Great Maiden's Blush adds to this year's strong line-up of Kiwi films.

Culinary pioneer cooks up a storm

Noma - My Perfect Storm gives us a bird's-eye view of life in a busy kitchen.

REVIEW: Documentary follows Rene Redzepi as he tries to win back the Best Restaurant in the World title.

Now Showing: Mavis!

Mavis Staples, 77, is a singer and civil rights activist.

REVIEW:  A warm-hearted documentary for fans and musicologists.

Infinity a bio drama not to be missed

The Man Who Knew Infinity actor Dev Patel, left, with director Matt Brown.

Don't read American reviews of The Man Who Knew Infinity. It's not to be missed.

Fey thrives as reporter in Afghanistan

Tina Fey as Kim Baker in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

REVIEW: Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot more than lives up to its military jargon name.

You'll leave believing in miracles

Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton star in Eddie the Eagle.

REVIEW: Eddie the Eagle - a brilliantly-paced, entertaining and surprisingly gripping tribute to a true Olympian

Fascinating, affecting and necessary viewing

New Kiwi film 25 April takes viewers into the middle of the Gallipoli conflict.

REVIEW: 25 April - an innovative new telling of a timeless story

A kinetic and frenetic Jungle revamp video

Young Neel Sethi does a terrific job of grounding the story amidst a sea of admittedly seriously impressive CGI animals, ...

REVIEW: Marriage of spot-on vocal casting and superb CGI the key to Jungle Book's success

REVIEW: Identity, suspense and survival

Nina Hoss as Nelly in a scene from Phoenix a drama set in post-WWII Germany

REVIEW: Phoenix is a tale of lost and false identity, loosely adapted from a 1961 novel.

Darker, harsher Jungle Book earns its stripes video

The real star of The Jungle Book is the look of the film created by Wellington's wizards at Weta Digital.

REVIEW: Even purists can admire this modern take on a classic tale

Noma doco lacks magic

Noma: My Perfect Storm focuses on whether or not the Copenhagen restaurant is going to re-gain in 2014 the "Best ...

Proof that the foodie-doco genre is perilously close

Foxtrot squanders potential

Even the combined talents of Billy Bob Thornton and Tina Fey can't lift Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

REVIEW: Taliban Shuffle book adaptation tries too hard to entertain

Good evening, Afghanistan

Tina Fey and Alfred Molina are among the impressive line-up of acting talent on display in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

REVIEW: Tina Fey's finest two hours on film

Disappointing dystopian deja vu

Our Divergent heroes might have liberated themselves the confines of Chicago, but they can't escape the tropes and ...

REVIEW: The Divergent Series stumbles in its third outing

A comedic misfire

Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell's characters get into the brownie-selling business in The Boss.

REVIEW: Melissa McCarthy's latest mired in comedy cliches

For Divergent fans only

The landscapes might be impressive, but Allegiant's story is not.

REVIEW: The latest Divergent film is an undistinguished combination of uninspiring performances and a bog-standard plotline

Fey fronts up in fabulous Foxtrot

Tiny Fey and Alfred Molina provide entertainment of the highest order in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

REVIEW: Tina Fey's latest offers fascinating, sometimes exhilarating, cinema.

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