Film Reviews

A surprisingly good Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight finally gives Mark Wahlberg something to do except look angsty and get beat up.

REVIEW: Michael Bay's latest is, yes, a fun watch that relocates the Transformers' franchise's mojo.

A charismatic talent taken too soon

I Am Heath Ledger reveals how the Aussie star was initially concerned by the more anachronistic elements of A Knight's Tale.

REVIEW: Heath Ledger documentary paints a portrait of a young man who aimed to live every moment to the fullest, but who didn't always have confidence in his own abilities.

Cars sequel comes home strong

For the first time in his career, in Cars 3, Lightning McQueen is not the fastest thing on four wheels.

REVIEW: Cars 3 does just enough, late in the day, to be considered an adequate sequel to Cars.

Tuckett's movies: Churchill

Brian Cox plays British war time Prime Minister, Winston Chruchill.

Outstanding performances, but can this biopic live up to the legend?

Meet Hollywood's most versatile actress

Rachel Weisz appears in more types of movies than seems mathematically possible.

New thriller shows why you shouldn't try to pigeonhole one particular actress.

A shallow, hollow look at Tupac

All Eyez on Me is an overlong, overwrought and once-over-lightly dramatisation of the life and death of US rapper Tupac ...

REVIEW: In light of Straight Outta Compton and Moonlight, All Eyez feels like such a crushing disappointment.

Quirky characters, laboured themes

Tom Wilkinson and Jessica Brown Findlay star in This Beautiful Fantastic.

REVIEW: British drama let down by predictable plotting and portentous dialogue.

Portrait of a marriage

As Winston Churchill, Brian Cox turns in a shift that might well see him as an early contender for an Oscar nomination.

REVIEW: Wonderful production values, acting nearly enough to overlook everything that is wrong about Churchill.

Rough delivers raunchy, dark comedy

Rough Night's laugh-out-loud moments are frequent enough and keep the momentum going when the storyline starts to falter.

REVIEW: Can women behaving badly still be funny? Yes, when you've got leading ladies as good as this.

2017's most disturbing movie?

Life at Coolgardie's Denver City Hotel is not for the faint-hearted or easily-offended.

REVIEW: Western Australian outback doco a cross between The Ground We Won and Wolf Creek.

A welcome dose of wit and sun

The Olive Tree features a well-chosen cast of veteran and local first-timers.

REVIEW: The Olive Tree is a deceptively well-written film, with sly humour and well-earned pathos breaking out all over the show.

Rough Night, smooth comedy

All the main characters in Rough Night have a distinct character and a very particular charm which almost makes you want ...

REVIEW: Rough Night is both a welcome success and a hopeful sign of things to come.

The Mummy not all it's wrapped up to be

The Mummy stars Tom Cruise at his macho best.

Our film guy Graeme is crying Mummy this week, and he's not too impressed.

Mummy never shifts out of Cruise control

Sofia Boutella's bringer of destruction feels like a sideshow in her own story.

REVIEW: A kind of a cross between Big Trouble in Little China and An American Werewolf in London, this Mummy attempts to present itself as a rollicking ride that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Mummy far too stupid, far too often

While The Mummy hints at an actual backstory for its titular character, she is soon dumbed back down to a one-note baddie.

REVIEW: The jumbled mess of tone and style hamstrings Tom Cruise's latest movie from beginning to end.

Whittaker's Skills reach a new, broad church

Jodie Whittaker is the heart and soul of Adult Life Skills.

REVIEW: Jodie Whittaker's skills help lift what would otherwise be just a solid, unspectacular drama.

'Papa' doth preach - too much

Sam Worthington finds himself surrounded by previously Hidden Figures, in The Shack.

REVIEW: The Shack's message is more Disney's Elsa than The Book of Ezekiel

Dinosaur tale brings back the '80s

Magnes is the undoubted star of My Pet Dinosaur.

REVIEW: My Pet Dinosaur is an amiable, action-filled adventure that will entertain audiences of all ages.

Woman a genuine wonder

Wonder Woman is a great yarn, done very well.

REVIEW: In the world of superhero movies, Wonder Woman is right off the top shelf.

Baywatch sunk by sense of deja vu

Even the undoubted charisma of Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson can't save Baywatch.

REVIEW: Even The Rock is no match for the cynicism, lack of ambition and sheer incompetence of this film.

When we were kings - of motorsport

Bruce McLaren, right, with fellow Kiwi driver Denny Hulme.

REVIEW: Roger Donaldson tells the story of a Kiwi motor-racing legend with substance, style and verve.

Acting veteran finds a new gear in Norman

Part Walter Mitty, part Willy Loman, part Chauncey Gardiner, Norman offers one-time big office drawcard Gere a complex ...

REVIEW: New York-set character drama features the former Officer and a Gentleman at his controlled and charismatic best.

Passion an unashamedly intelligent movie

Céline Bonnier plays Sister Augustine in the remarkable The Passion of Augustine.

REVIEW: Rebellious French-Canadian drama is a warm, witty and genuine story, near-perfectly told.

Whitney doco a heartbreaking watch

Whitney: Can I Be Me traces the rise and fall of Whitney Houston.

REVIEW: Nick Broomfield's lastest music-mentry is the enthralling tale of how "Nippy" from Newark, New Jersey became America's pop princess.

Fry adaptation lacks sizzle

Even the undoubted talents of Roger Allam can't save The Hippopotamus.

REVIEW: Roger Allam shines in otherwise forgettable Stephen Fry farce.

Pirates 5 a lengthy shark-jumping slog

Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow spends most of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales shipless and ship-faced.

REVIEW: Pirates 5's story is a forgettable farrago of half-baked marine mythology and necessary set-ups for action sequences.

Wick sequel exceeds expectations

Keanu Reeves is back playing deadly dapper dude John Wick in the impressive John Wick: Chapter 2.

REVIEW: Why John Wick: Chapter 2 is one of the most entertaining action movies you'll see this year.

Misty water-coloured memories unfold

The Sense of an Ending.

REVIEW: This is a beautiful-to-look-at examination of memories lost and found, but the film's pacing and focus feels a bit muddied.

King Arthur: So silly it's good

Charlie Hunnam as the once and future king, Arthur Pendragon.

Graeme takes a seat at the round table to dish the dirt on Guy Richie's latest.

Affectionate Order delights

The human livestock in Pecking Order thoroughly knock the fowl off the screen every chance they get

REVIEW: Pecking Order perfectly captures small-town Kiwi life and puts it up on screen for us all to appreciate.

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