Film review: Tarzan

Last updated 05:00 22/06/2014

STICKING OUT: The apes look far more impressive than the humans in Tarzan.

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REVIEW: Come back Phil Collins - all is forgiven.

While, for many, the presence of a cadre of the Genesis drummer's angst-ridden pop songs marred Disney's 1999 star-studded (Glenn Close, Minnie Driver, Brian Blessed), crisply-animated take on Edgar Rice Burrows' 1914 literary classic, the emotions he evoked are sadly MIA from this po-faced and pallid German-French-American co-production.

Weirdly borrowing elements from Michael Crichton's Congo and Transformers, the film-makers have attempted to contemporarise the Tarzan tale by making him the sole heir to Greystoke Energies.

Missing, presumed dead, since a helicopter crash in a deep dark part of Africa (where his father was searching for a meteorite with mysterious powers), the boy formerly known as JJ has been raised by apes. However, he re-encounters his original kind when crossing paths with environmental worker Jane Porter and new company CEO Clayton, who have their own, distinct agendas.

Narratively ambitious and boasting plenty of 3-D thrills and impressive motion capture, Tarzan is let down by disturbing-looking humans from the "uncanny valley" of animation (a la Mars Needs Moms and The Polar Express) and a truly awful portentous and pretentious voice-over ("he was tormented by a thousand feelings and questions").

Throw in an over-caffeinated score, a touch too much mystical mumbo-jumbo and the jarring use of Coldplay's Paradise and the result is a film that will satisfy neither youngsters or their parents.

Tarzan (PG) 94 mins

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