Film review: Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie

01:13, Jul 24 2014
mrs brown's boys d'movie
DEFIES EXPECTATIONS: Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie will leave you laughing hard.

You probably know that Agnes Brown is the creation of Irish writer and comedian Brendan O'Carroll. You also know that the TV show Mrs Brown's Boys has been running for the last few years. You may have watched it. In which case, you are one up on me. Personally, I haven't found a TV comedy series on New Zealand TV that I've really liked since Black Books finished, Mrs Brown's Boys included.

So I didn't walk into D'Movie with any great expectations, but the Irish write comedy like the Kenyans run marathons, and you ignore them at your peril.

Within ten minutes I was grinning, and more than a few times I laughed out loud. Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie is affectionate, genuinely funny, well put together, and has enough flourish and flair about it to make it much more than just a 90 minute version of a 30 minute TV show.

The plot is that old one about the evil property developer and how he is thwarted by the community, but the telling is nicely done. There are ongoing gags, inspired physical comedy, enough swearing to justify that 'M' Rating, and a way of incorporating the blooper reel into the film's action that I haven't seen since Blazing Saddles.

I liked it. And the row of women behind me were laughing so hard I swear I left with gobs of macerated popcorn stuck to the back of my head. Take that as a recommendation.

Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie (M), 94 mins, directed by Ben Kellett