Review: Love is Strange

A WEE GEM: Alfred Molina and John Lithgow star in Love is Strange.

A WEE GEM: Alfred Molina and John Lithgow star in Love is Strange.


Love Is Strange (M)
Directed by Ira Sachs ★★★★1/2

John Lithgow and Alfred Molina are Ben and George. 

They have been together for 39 years and now they are married. They head off on an inadvisedly expensive honeymoon and come home to New York to find that George is being fired from his job. 

Broker than they had planned for, Ben and George are forced to sell their spacious apartment and then to be apart for a month or two as they hunt for a new place to live. George stays with younger friends, while Ben goes to live with his nephew, his wife and their son.

What follows just about constitutes the perfect small scale romantic drama, with a side order of good comedy and a sweetly skewed resolution, the subtleties of which I'm still smiling at. 

With very strong performances across the board – from the two leads to Marisa Tomei and a well chosen bunch of support players – and a smart, literate and bittersweet script, Love Is Strange is wee gem of a film. It ends all too soon and on a note that finally gave in to a little sentimentality, but the journey there is terrific. Very recommended.

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