The Other Woman does the job

LESLEY MANN: One of two terrific physical comedians in The Other Woman.
LESLEY MANN: One of two terrific physical comedians in The Other Woman.


Directed by Nick Cassavetes

Any film that starts off with Etta James singing Sunday Kind of Love can't be all bad, can it?

The Other Woman - and you'll know this already, because the trailer effectively blows the entire plot of the film - follows Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz as they discover that their man Mark is cheating on them. Mann is married to him, Diaz is dating him, blissfully unaware that he has another life in the affluent 'burbs with Mann.

Against all the odds, the two women-done-wrong strike up a friendship, and decide to team up - with yet another of Mark's squeezes - to bring the cad down.

It's the plot of classic buddy comedy, and The Other Woman delivers. Diaz and Mann are both extraordinary physical comedians, with timing to die for, and they obviously get on like a house on fire. I'd like to see Mann play someone other than the brittle and self-loathing roles she seems to land, but in The Other Woman I began to finally warm to what she does. As the despicable Mark, Nikolaj Coster Waldau (Game of Thrones) gives his best young Sean Bean impersonation, and does enough to make sure his comeuppance was greeted - at least at the 'Ladies Night' screening I gatecrashed - with howls of approval.

From the moment Etta James turned up over opening credits - because let's face it, you need a bit of taste to put Etta on your sound track - I figured The Other Woman was going to be OK, and it is. Until Bridesmaids 2 gets here, this'll do just fine.

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