Film Festival: <i>The Adventures of Robin Hood</i>

01:43, Jan 31 2009
MERRY MEN: Errol Flynn stars as Robin Hood in the 1938 classic <i>The Adventures of Robin hood</i>.

The 1938 classic The Adventures of Robin Hood has it all: action, romance, comedy, drama and Errol Flynn in his infamous green tights.

Filmed in glorious technicolor (which the costume department use to their full advantage, draping the cast in vibrant jewel-coloured velvets and brocades) this is a movie from a time where storylines were simple - and good triumphed over evil.

King Richard is away from England and in his stead his brother Prince John steps in to rule the country with an iron fist - and crippling taxes.

After a run in with Prince John's lackey Sir Guy of Gisborne, Robin of Loxley is banished from his estate and seeks refuge in Sherwood Forest, where he vows to do everything in his power to protect the innocent and fight Prince John's oppressive reign.

He's joined on his mission by a collection of merry men and their tales become the stuff of legend.

Errol Flynn as Robin Hood performs with a twinkle in his eye - using his bow and arrows and witty banter to triumph over the rich and greedy and unite the downtrodden.


Olivia de Havillard plays the cool and feisty Marion, who eventually melts and falls under Robin's spell.

There are some fantastic fight scenes - and innovative special effects - Robin and his arch enemy Guy of Gisborne are duelling to the death in the great hall of Nottingham Castle - they disappear off screen to be replaced by their shadows fighting.

The Adventures of Robin Hood is classic Hollywood at it's best and seventy years on remains a true gem in film-making.

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