Children and Power Tools don't mix

03:52, Oct 19 2012

Today's short film is a real nailbiter, demonstrating that children and Power Tools don't mix.

Jason Stutter's Careful with that Power Tool follows a young boy who discovers the fun of power tools in his father's dangerous workshop. 

He has a ball, spinning the buzz-saw blade with his fingers, firing sharp nails from a nail gun...if that ends well?

As always we have caught up with the film maker and asked him five question.

Tell us about you, How did you get into making short films?

I was raised in Wainuiomata and made films with my younger brother Matt, who is also in the film industry.  When I left school I got a job as an assistant editor at Avalon Studios and continued into a career as an editor before becoming a director.


Tell us about your short film. What is it about?

In 2008 I made a short film called Careful with that Axe that has gone on to have a very successful life throughout the world.  People enjoyed the film a lot and asked if I had any other ideas which could keep the dangerous kid movie theme going, so I made 'Power Tool' and then Crossbow.  I'm currently finishing the fourth instalment, this time in 3D which has been a lot of fun.

What films, filmmakers, animators or artists influenced you?

I truly love almost all cinema but I get the most pleasure out of studio movies.  My favourite genres are comedy and thrillers, also I'm a pretty big fan of James Bond movies.  My favourite directors are Steven Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock, Peter Jackson, James Cameron, Quentin Tarantino, The Coen Brothers and The Zucker Brothers.

What is your advice to aspiring filmmakers?

Don't wait around for someone to fund your work, these days you can shoot great looking pictures that can play on a cinema screen for next to nothing.  Get your hands on a camera and start making stuff, film making is a craft and like all crafts the more you do the better you get.

What is good and what is difficult about making films in New Zealand?

The hardest thing is competing with big budget movies for cinema screen space.  Most Hollywood movies spend more than the total production budget of our Kiwi films on advertising alone, our films are mostly advertised on minuscule budgets.  For example with my latest comedy feature 'Edwin: My Life as a Koont' we've started a fun weekly magazine style show called Koont TV in an effort to start building our audience before releasing the movie's trailer and proceeding to cinemas.  Distribution is much harder than making a film.

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