Virtual sports taking off video

Junpei Sasaki playing "HADO", in which competitors in head-mounted augmented-reality displays and armband sensors dodge ...

Twelve new sports have been certified in Japan. They all take place in the virtual arena.

Xbox for the p....

Co-owner Jonny Kirkpatrick gives the interactive digital urinal a go at Dux Central in Christchurch.

Forget urinal cake football, now you can drive a racing car while you wee.

Review: Prey

Morgan Yu, playable as either male or female, isn’t exactly a silent protagonist but they’re pretty close.

Prey is a polished game that does a lot of good storytelling, despite not having a particularly original plot.

Review: The Falconers

The Falconers follows Cassie Winter, a young member of a global organisation known as the Order of the Falcon.

New Zealand is a perfect setting for a video game, and this game is proof.

Hall of Fame adds Halo video

Halo enthralled a legion of fans after its 2001 launch.

Until Halo's launch, the most successful shooters required a PC and the precision offered by a mouse.

Grinding Gear: Garage guys go global

Some of the Grinding Gear development team. After starting out in a tiny Auckland garage, the studio now employs more ...

From an Auckland garage to a global gaming powerhouse, the team behind Path of Exile are only just getting started.

Preview: Tekken 7

Tekken 7 has a huge roster with a lot of new fighters, including Akuma from Street Fighter.

It’s the Tekken you know and love, but with enough new additions to feel like a big step forward.

Gaming could be an Olympic sport

Esports are a step closer to being considered for the Olympics.

Gamers, get training - Esports are a step closer to being considered for the Olympics.

Nintendo scraps NES Classic

Nintendo compact version of its NES console sold for $120 in New Zealand.

Looking for Nintendo's retro video game console? Your search just got a whole lot harder.

Nintendo may release mini Switch

Nintendo said the Switch sold faster in its first month than any other of its video-game systems.

Expect more variations of the Switch as Nintendo continues to refine its home and portable business strategy.

Fidgeters rejoice video

A Fidget Cube has six different sides to keep your hands busy.

Stress balls not helping? A Fidget Cube might be the answer.

Star Wars game trailer leaked

A screenshot from Star Wars: Battlefront II.

The trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront II first appeared on Vimeo but was later pulled.

Kids go wild for ‘Wild Eyes’ video

Wild Eyes developer Paul Ward (left) says his invention is an online community for kids, aimed at getting them off their ...

It may be an online activity, but the aim of Wild Eyes is to get kids off their screens and outside.

Persona 5: a game for cool kids

Persona 5 is an absurdly imaginative game.

Persona 5 is a dungeon-crawler, social simulator, and time-management headache all wrapped up in one.

Minecraft to get its own currency

The Minecraft Marketplace will not be available on all platforms - a notable exclusion being Microsoft's own Xbox and ...

Microsoft is adding a new marketplace - and a brand new currency - within the video-game Minecraft.

New Xbox details revealed

The CPU is 30 per cent faster than the original system, and the GPU 4.6 times more powerful.

No official name or pricing has been revealed, but the system looks to be a powerhouse.

Capital's young developers

From left: Amelie, Alec and Finn Barker. Eight-year-old twins Amelie and Finn are the creative brains behind new game ...

Eight-year-old twins Amelie and Finn Barker create a modern take on naughts and crosses now available from app stores.

Ms Pac-Man's loose in NZ

Ms Pacman is taking over the world's streets. Here's how the game looks played on the streets of central Wellington.

Fans of the retro video game can chase cherries and dodge ghosts on their own city's streets in Google Maps.

12 games up for Hall of Fame

Mortal Kombat horrified a generation of parents.

Donkey Kong is on the list along with Mortal Kombat and ... Microsoft Windows Solitaire.

Call of Duty going back to WW2

Earlier this year Activision promised to investors that the series would go “back to its roots".

This year’s Call of Duty is set to go back in time, at least according to reports.

Review: Mass Effect: Andromeda

The game is massive, but the quality of its writing and sidequests varies too much for the combat alone to make up for it.

There is fun to be had in BioWare’s latest sci-fi action RPG, but you’ll have to search the stars for it.

Weta Workshop turns game maker

Senior model maker Leonard Ellis works on a Heavy Hitter for display.

Sir Peter Jackson and Sir Richard Taylor launch their first board game.

Apple spotlights two Kiwi apps

A screenshot of Mini Metro.

Apple has opened a new "indie games" section of its iOS App Store, and name checks two local games.

Roblox wants to topple Minecraft

Roblox is often compared with Minecraft and appeals to a similar demographic, mostly - between the ages of 6 and 16.

As investors search for the next Minecraft, their latest bet is on a company called Roblox.

Trial for playing Pokemon in church

Ruslan Sokolovsky has been in pre-trial detention since October.

A blogger is accused of inciting religious hatred for playing Pokemon Go in a church in Russia.

Is Pokemon Go still a thing?

The hard-to-replicate game still has an enviable following in Japan, China, Korea as well as North America.

​Few games have enjoyed both the meteoric rise - and subsequent fall - in popularity.

Study debunks gaming, crime link

Grand Theft Auto 5, where players commit ever more audacious and violent crimes, currently tops a list of bestselling games.

Playing violent computer games such as Call of Duty does not make people more prone to violence.

Review: Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is radically different from its predecessors.

The new game from Nintendo has style, beauty, humour and, occasionally, heartbreak. It's spectacular.

Review: Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a brand new next-gen console.

The console goes on sale in New Zealand on Friday, but will it deliver enough games?

Netflix-style gaming for Xbox

Over 100 Xbox One titles will join the service, including some backwards compatible games from Xbox 360.

Microsoft's Game Pass offers unlimited access to a library of games for a monthly subscription fee.

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