Pokemon Go players told to stop climbing power lines

Electricity companies are warning Pokemon Go players to stay safe

Electricity companies are warning Pokemon Go players to stay safe

Pokemon Go players are being told to stay away from electricity substations and not to climb on power lines.

Transpower issued the warning on Tuesday as the augmented reality game attracted players to all sorts of dangerous situations.

High voltage areas like power lines, towers and substations were no place for video game players, the company warned.

New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland are the first countries to get the Pokemon Go "augmented reality" game, where players can catch Pokemon characters in the real world. It's generating the sort of excitement that is seeing adults revert to childhood, striving to catch Pokemon while walking through neighbourhoods.

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The game allows players to train, battle, and capture Pokemon through "geocaching", where players use their phones to hunt out Pokemon hiding in the real world.

Transpower said Pokemon could be caught from a safe distance but there was no need to "climb on, or enter" restricted areas.

This is the latest in warnings to Pokemon Go players who have also been caught staking out police stations.

Because of the immense popularity of Pokemon, the game has already been experiencing server issues and significant down time with people unable to log in.

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