Kerrison returns for Southland shoot

Jason Kerrison follows Pearly McGrath as she runs into the phone box during the filming of a music video for the band Fungi in Wachner Place, Invercargill.

5:00 AM  Former Southland musician Jason Kerrison has returned home to shoot a video for his reformed band - Fungi.

Zayn likes new 1D single

One Direction backstage at Auckland's Vector Arena in 2013.

Former bandmate Zayn Malik thinks One Direction's new single is sick.

Well-suited to breaking the Asian market

Pohatu checks his new suit jacket is fit for guitar playing.

When the boys from the Modern Maori Quartet were told they were headed to Uzbekistan they had to pull out a map – well, Google Maps.

Josh Groban light on his feet

Josh Groban has sold more than 20 million records in 10 years.

5:00 AM  Josh Groban admits he found performing on New Zealand's DWTS a novel experience.

Succesful attempt to lure Dave Grohl video

One thousand musicians have come together to convince Dave Grohl to play in their town.

It seems 1000 Italian Foo Fighters fans were successful with luring the band in their town.

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Trio well past their use-by date

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis appeared to be getting worse at playing their instruments if their Wellington show is anything to go by.

REVIEW: While there were fun moments, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis are running out of steam.

Ryan Adams at the top of his game

REVIEW: We can smell a phony a mile away and Ryan Adams is no phony.

Ryan Adams: a new found maturity

Affetto share music magic

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