Auckland musician sharing the TLC

17:00, Jun 07 2014
Tionne ''Tboz''  Watkins
SHARING THE TLC: Kris ''ChristopherKris'' Lal and Tionne ''Tboz'' Watkins.

Kris ''ChristopherKris'' Lal is sharing the TLC.

The Auckland musician and beatmaker's new single In My Hands features local urban up-and-comers Lucy X, Monax Donnell Lewis and Tionne ''Tboz''  Watkins from the best selling US all-girl group TLC.

A video of the single was shot in Auckland on Monday and Tuesday by award winning producer Shae Stirling and Lal and his protege Lucy X flew to Australia on Wednesday where Tboz filmed her part.

TLC are in Australia for their first ever concert dates before heading to Japan where they still headline stadiums 20 years after they became the biggest selling US female group of all time with hits such as Baby Baby Baby, Creep, Waterfalls, No Scrubs and Unpretty.

"Meeting Tboz was a truly humbling experience,'' Lal says. ''Here was someone I had admired my entire life in the same room, hugging, laughing with and most importantly at me - she finds the Kiwi accent hilarious.

''I've worked with artists in the past who have had ego's 100 times bigger than hers. She's a legend, invited us into her room and made us feel like family.     

''My musical connection with TLC is a lifelong story for me. The first song that caught my attention on radio was Waterfalls.  The sound and voice resonating through my earphones was so unique and I wanted to hear more.  Ever since that day I have been obsessed with their music and Tboz's voice in particular.


''Over time I got into music and uncannily came across her brother who makes beats and produces. He and Davey Boy have produced for the likes of Tpain and they've produced a track for us. I fell in love with a particular instrumental I couldn't get out of my head which went on to be In My Hands.

''The instrumental was meant to feature another international artist but, at the time, I thought it was more fitting to have Tboz doing the vocal.

You don't get that kind of chance come around twice.

''She agreed to do the vocal, so it all kind of came together by some small miracle I would say. I'm especially proud that we were able to do this on our own, with no help from NZ on Air and the like, Lorde is leading the way and everyone is on her bandwagon now, she's badass and she did it on her own, that's inspiring I was like finally a Kiwi who gets it''

In My Hands is out on Friday and will be simultaneously released in New Zealand, Australia and Japan.

''Obviously, with TLC touring at the moment, there's a lot of buzz around their music,'' Lal says.

''Hopefully, we can take advantage of that.  The group has given us our blessing so we are really stoked with that.''

It's not the first time Lal has had a close encounter with TLC.

Almost a decade ago, some of his song lyrics proved so inspirational to the group and their management that they were included in the liner notes of  the UK release of TLC's greatest hits album Now & Forever.

''I love to write, manage and be behind the scenes. I'm as passionate about business as I am music so this project is a perfect fit for me and a dream come true''.

In My Hands is the second single from Lal to feature an internationally acclaimed artist.

The first, Watch The World, paired himself, Lucy X  and US rapper Chingy.

Both songs are part of a larger work in progress which has the working title The ChristopherKris Project.

''I want people go wow, who are these nobodies, and how the hell did that happen. That's my goal.''