The Voice winner 'hasn't heard' her own album

05:19, Jul 30 2014
Anja Nissen
FAN FAVOURITE: The Voice Australia winner Anja Nissen hasn't even heard her own, upcoming album.

It's been a busy few weeks for Anja Nissen - winning reality show The Voice, running the gauntlet of media interviews and recording her debut album.

In fact, her schedule has been so hectic that she hasn't even heard her record yet.

"We recorded seven songs in one day so it will be interesting to see how it pans out," said Nissen.

"I'm still not sure what style I'll be going towards with my own music, so it's good to release a a covers album which is very diverse."

The album, which is due for release on Friday, sparked controversy last week when it was revealed the single My Girls was not to be released as planned.

My Girls, which was co-written by Delta Goodrem, was widely tipped to be Nissen's first single and does not appear on the album.


"It wasn't really decided. There were a lot of songs in play and then it got released to press that I was singing that song," said Nissen.

"But Will [coach] wanted to be in on what song I was singing and he felt like it wasn't the right song for me. It's a great song, but he had another idea and we're sorting it out."

"[Will] has given me heaps of advice, it's become part of my brain. Every now and then it pops up and I think 'if it was Will right now, what would he do?'."

The 18-year-old has also hit back at claims made on social media that the competition's outcome was "rigged".

The Voice & Xfactor are 'producer' rigged from the first day of Auditions when yall going to wake up & stop feeding money to these corps

anja didn't deserve the win #thevoice show is rigged. johnny, jackson, frank and even zk all of them deserved to win more

"It's been really crazy because I was like a wildcard throughout the whole thing. Other people were getting the public vote and I kept getting saved at the last minute," she said.

"No one knew who was going to win, it definitely wasn't planned. There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there but we had done no recording or anything like that."

The singer said she had planned to make the most of her new-found fame, regardless of whether or not she won The Voice.

"I've been fortunate that I've been doing this since I was very young and that I've had lots of failures. I didn't win Australia's Got Talent or Young Talent Time, but I learned from those experiences by falling down and getting back up again," she said.

"I still would have seen it as a leap forward, I wouldn't have let it stop me at all. I probably wouldn't have done another TV show but tried another way in."

Nissen is on an Australian tour alongside The Voice's top eight finalists and series one alumna Prinnie Stevens.

The tour kicked off in Perth on Sunday night and will head to Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in coming days.

"It's a very different experience, people paying to see us'" she said.

"I was a backing vocalist. I remember being in the choir for Sarah De Bono on series one of The Voice and thinking I'd love to do that one day."

"Winning this competition doesn't mean that I've made it. It's a great leap in the right direction but it doesn't mean I can relax now."

Anja Nissen's self-titled album will be released on August 1.

Sydney Morning Herald