Prodigy promise 'crazy' NZ show

One of The Prodigy's three members says he will be "walking home" if the British dance-rock act doesn't deliver the goods at next week's Auckland show.

Liam Howlett, the beatmaker for The Prodigy who has engineered some of the band's biggest hits including Firestarter and Smack My Bitch Up, said the band expected next Thursday's show at Trusts Stadium to be another high-energy set.

Howlett told in an email interview he wanted fans to enjoy themselves.

"If people just stand there they may as well watch it on YouTube," he said. "It better be (crazy) or I will be walking home."

After two standout shows at the Big Day Out - in 1997 and again in 2009 - Howlett said the band loved performing in New Zealand. Both performances, one on the main stage and the other in the Boiler Room, were memorable for the hyped crowds.

"It sounds cliched but we do love coming down there to play. We definitely feel loved by the people there, which is great. We have had a strong following there for many years I think."

After a mostly lacklustre decade, The Prodigy ended 2009 on a high thanks to their comeback album Invaders Must Die - an album that rivalled 1997's The Fat of the Land for impact and sheer energy.

Howlett said the band - also featuring vocalists Keith Flint and Maxim Reality - wanted to record later this year with an eye on a 2011 release.

"I need to write it first plus we need to vanish off the radar for a bit and give people a break from us. We have always been like that so when we return we come out of nowhere.

"The next one won't take as long as usual. We are locked on it at the moment so it will be the following year."

Howlett admitted 2009 had been good to them but he was focused on "keeping it fresh".

"We are never too happy because that makes you lazy. We have had a good year but we just think, 'What is the next stage?'"

The Prodigy
February 25: Trusts Stadium, Auckland

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