Lady Antebellum take a gamble

02:58, Apr 19 2011
WINNING FEELING: Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood of country music group Lady Antebellum pose with their Grammy Awards haul.

Lady Antebellum are not really what you would call "rock & roll".  But front man Charles Kelley rounded off last night's performance in Auckland with a bit of a late night.

"The only bad thing for a big gambler like myself is to be in a hotel with a casino.  I was up until four o'clock this morning," he told today.

But don't worry concerned citizens, he came out on top.

"We have just come from Vegas where I lost too much and so I made up a little bit for it."

Winning is something Kelley and his band mates Dave Haywood and Hilary Scott are fast becoming used to.

The trio only started out in 2006 and their catchy brand of alt-country pop music has fast earned them fans and awards by the dozen.


Last year alone, the band walked away with five Grammys as well as a truckful of Country Music Awards, American Music Awards and People's Choice Awards. 

But the reality of the situation is not lost on Kelley.

"It's got to stop soon - I hope it doesn't, but I know it will. I'm too realistic to think it's going to last forever but it's been pretty fun to kind of see it all happen and we're kind of holding on."

The lanky, bearded front man says he has trouble adjusting to the craziness of award ceremonies and the industry at large.

"It's almost hard to register. It's funny, at the Grammy's it was such a surreal night, it felt a little out of body.  Every time we'd get up and walk to the stage, we were walking past Jay-Z and Lady Gaga and you're going "where in the world am I right now? This is just surreal". 

"But at the Country Music Awards, we know everybody so it's a bit more of a family experience and then you've got the Grammys and you feel like totally a fish out of water - no one knows who we are, so it's definitely an interesting thing."

Thanks to their recent single Need You Now, a lot of people know exactly who the Nashville band is.

The 29-year-old was blown away by the reception they received at their only New Zealand show last night.

"It was a blast. It was wild to see just how far the music has reached. There was a moment in the show at the very end where we had the crowd sing the chorus of Need You Now and it was just a cool feeling."

But he says despite his music being known around the world, it is still his mum who is Kelley's number one fan.

"My Mum, she calls me up every time the video plays, all the time.  I'm like, 'Yes mum, thank you, the video is on TV, that's cool'. But she loves it, it gives her something to brag about all the time."