Hip-hop star labels Brisbane racist

BIG CALL: Tyler the Creator has labelled Brisbane a racist city.
BIG CALL: Tyler the Creator has labelled Brisbane a racist city.

A US hip-hop frontman has called Brisbane a city of racists after performing to a sold-out show in West End on Sunday night.

Tyler Okonma, of Los Angeles group Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (otherwise known as Odd Future), posted a series of comments on Twitter over the weekend and yesterday.

Okonma, 20, who's also known by his stage name Tyler, The Creator, has nearly a quarter of a million followers on Twitter.

He told them people in Brisbane were "racist as" and he was "uncomfortable" and wanted to go home.

"I get this weird vibe," he wrote.

Later, he added "Im in Brisbane Right Now....They hate Niggas Out Here...." but added that MLBRN (Melbourne) "was cool".

Okonma later told the crowd at his sold-out show at West End's The Hi-Fi on Sunday night that he'd had a run-in with a "racist asshole" at a KFC in Brisbane.

He told the crowd he wouldn't judge Brisbane on one person's behaviour, however his earlier tweets remain in his stream.

Regardless, Okonma seemed to enjoy the show, calling it "sick" and "fun".

"Thanks To The White People Down Under (Except For Them Hating Racist From Earlier)."

Okonma, who is now happily back in the US ("Its Been A Week Since I Had My Phone, So Happy To Be Home"), later wrote that he was taking the popular Australian pastime of "planking" back with him.

He's a prolific tweeter, constantly sharing his thoughts with his nearly 250,000 followers on everything from his taste in women - "I Am On The Search For A Freckled Girl My Age" - to his conversations with other musicians "I Asked Chris Brown If He Liked Soup".

At the time of writing, his most recent tweet was that he had just taken a nap.

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