Usher is Justin Bieber’s 'Dr Phil'

CLOSE: Justin Bieber says Usher is like his own personal "Dr. Phil".
CLOSE: Justin Bieber says Usher is like his own personal "Dr. Phil".

Justin Bieber says Usher is like his own personal "Dr. Phil".

The teen sensation was launched into super stardom by the R&B singer after now-manager Scooter Braun discovered him on video sharing website YouTube.

Justin, who is currently in a relationship with Selena Gomez, is hugely grateful for the input Usher has had in his career.

He's even compared him to TV psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw.

"[Usher] hits me up all the time, we always talk about, not only business, but like about relationships and how to cope with being where I am in the world. He's been great. He's been my Dr. Phil," he laughed in an interview with the Kyle and Jackie O radio show.

"I love that show, I really want to go and watch it live one time."

Justin has had overwhelming success in the charts with debut album My World 2.0, and follow-up releases My Worlds Acoustic and Never Say Never - The Remixes.

The 17-year-old star hopes his assault on the music industry continues to be so fruitful.

"As long as I keep making good music, that's the most important part of it. If the music starts being shady then that's when you start going down," he explained.

Justin has a legion of admirers who support him religiously. The star has been forced to cancel appearances in the past because of over-zealous fans and lack of security.

He is personally hurt when he lets his fans down.

"That's the worst part for me. I'm going there for that. My fans have been waiting for me out there. They should know to get a lot of security to make sure everything's fine but then they underestimate it and it turns out I can't do it," he explained.

"It hurts me more than it hurts [my fans]."

Justin is renowned for his floppy tresses. He used to sport a sweeping side fringe before cutting his locks into a shorter do.

He looks to soccer star David Beckham for style inspiration.

"I'm just trying to be like Beckham. Beckham changes his hair all the time," he smiled.  "People didn't even know when he switched his hair up because he switched it up so much."

Justin has recorded a new Christmas album, entitled Under the Mistletoe. The festive record includes collaborations with Usher, Chris Brown, Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey.

Manager Scooter explained to Billboard magazine that it is more "seductive" than past recordings because "vocally, [Justin's] balls have dropped".

On the holiday album - which is released next month - Justin cover's Mariah's hit All I Want for Christmas Is You.

Scooter says the high-key song was a challenge.

"That was the hardest song to do," he said. "A year ago that would have been no problem."

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