Songs to send off 2011

16:00, Dec 30 2011

There seems to be a whole industry dedicated to flooding the market with Christmas albums and songs every year. Compared to all the buzz made about that festive season, the good old New Year is treated rather poorly.

But there are some songs especially for the last day and/or first day of the year. We take a look at the best, cheesiest and weirdest of the lot.

B. B. King - Bringing in a brand new year

Snap your fingers, take your sweetheart for a swing on the dance floor - or in the middle of the living room for that matter. Blues legend B.B. King sets the stage with Bringing In A Brand New Year.



Abba - Happy New Year

Personally, Abba makes me cringe any day of the year, but what would be a New Year's list without their bitter-sweet Happy New Year. Maybe not your top choice if you're already a tad melancholic, with lines like "All the dreams we had are dead . . . we might as well lay down and die."


Counting Crows - Long December

Not a party stomper either, but one to listen to when pondering the year that was, is Long December by the Counting Crows. To be honest I don't really know what that song is about. But I like it.


U2 - New Years Day

You can't get away from them. The Irish rockers are among the few musicians who have dedicated a song to the New Years Day.


Foo Fighters - Next Year

Technically this may not be a New Year's song, but it certainly won't do any harm to get a bit Dave Grohl cheer before starting a new year.


Barry Manilow - It's Just Another New Year's Eve

Don't discount old-school crooner Barry Manilow with his somewhat wise and encouraging It's Just Another New Years Eve. It catapults you back to the good old 70s and leaves you with a confident - if a little old-fashioned - smile in your face.


Regina Spektor - My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year)

This for once is a positive New Year's song. The singer/songwriter from New York interprets My Dear Acquaintance in an almost hymn-like way that drips with sweetness.


The Final Countdown - Europe

This classic 1986 hit by Swedish band Europe is also technically not a New Year's song, but what better track to embrace your inner bogan as you say good bye to the old year.


Jay Sean 2012 (It Ain't the End) ft. ft Nicki Minaj

For those who believe in the Mayan prophecies, this could as well be the last New Year's Eve. Ever. But that doesn't stop Jay Sean taking his vocoder and encouraging us to live like it's the end of the world while insisting it 'Ain't the End.' Rather complex...


Auld Land Syne - various

The ultimate New Year's Song is without a doubt Auld Lang Syne. It's the song belted out at midnight by English speakers around the globe. Watch Mariah Carey's heart-felt (albeit a cheese-dripping) version of the classic. You may remember the words for once tonight.


And we're signing off with one of the most psychedelic New Year's Eve tracks: Jimi Hendrix. 


Happy New Year!