Temuera Morrison releases debut album

Just a simple man trying to make his way in the universe, Temuera Morrison has filled some of his well publicised down time by putting out a debut album.

Unsurprisingly titled Tem, the album features singalong classics Morrison grew up with by musicians such as Sam Cooke, Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

It also includes a version of Maori love song E Ipo, featuring country singer Dennis Marsh.

It's not news that Morrison has hit a bit or a dry patch in his acting career. In fact, the 53-year-old drew attention to his plight late last year in a in reality TV series.

Morrison might be relieved to know that according to Sony Music, he has already "secured his place in modern cinematic history and now will make his mark on music".

Whether the man remembered as the brutal Jake Heke in Once Were Warriors, the Star Wars clone army, and Dr Hone Ropata in Shortland Street can sing as well as his uncle Sir Howard Morrison will be revealed when the album is released on November 28.

If he can, maybe his next production could include songs alluding to some of his better known screen moments.

A song called "You're Not in Guatemala Now, Dr Ropata" would be a nod to his Shorty days, while "Cook the Man Some Eggs" could recall the grim Warriors. 

No need to look past "I'm Just A Simple Man, Trying to Make My Way in the Universe," to celebrate bounty hunter Jango Fett - the genetic source for the clone army.

Of course, there's nothing unusual about actors singing, or singers acting.

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Although Russell Crowe did act as a child, many people's earliest memories of him are as singer Rus le Roc, knocking around Auckland before he went on to become a gladiator, Biblical patriarch, and brilliant mathematician.

William Shatner - of Captain James T Kirk and Denny Crane fame - has released several albums and appears to take the work more seriously than do many critics and others.

The musical career of Knight Rider and Baywatch lifeguard David Hasselhoff is likely to bring to mind his version of Jump in My Car, which also includes the line "Get out of my car".

But in this 25th anniversary year of the toppling of the Berlin Wall, there have been fond recollections of his Looking for Freedom which topped the West German charts and became a kind of anthem for the German reunification. 

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