Top 10 Christmas songs you won't hear at the mall video

Sick of the typical Christmas carols ringing through the malls? Here are 10 versions you won't expect to hear anywhere else.

Christmas songs deliver a treacly dose of seasonal schmaltz - and if you've spent any time in a shopping mall this silly season you'll be sick of most of them.

Over-exposure is a risk for even the 'quirky' holiday hits, like Snoopy's Christmas or The Pogues.

So we foraged in Santa's sack for the top 10 Christmas deep cuts to help your December 25 playlist strike a merrier chord.

1. Run DMC - Christmas is

The staunchest of seasons greetings - "I'm getting mine, you're getting yours, that's how Christmas is supposed to be" - and early 90s pop culture references to Ninja Turtles and the Sega Genesis.

2. David Hasselhoff - Silent night (in German)

Merry Hoffmas! We give you the gift of a magical power stance.

3. Over the Rhine - All I ever get for Christmas is blue

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This is a beautiful song full stop. But it also has the added bonus of being superbly Christmassy. Safe to play for elderly parents and hipster cousins alike.

4. Johnny Cash & Neil Young- Little Drummer Boy

What's not to like? A classic Christmas song softened by the wizened vocal chords of two hard-living greats.

5. Bruce Springsteen - Santa Claus is coming to town

Santa may be the main man at this time of year, but we all know who the Boss is.

6. Village People - Christmas medley

Painful? Or genius? You decide.

7. Sol3 Mio - Have yourself a merry little Christmas

There's nothing particularly unconventional about this Christmas cracker but don't the men of Sol3 Mio look like they're having a great time?

8. Julian Casablancas -  I wish it was Christmas today

There's a note of withering irony here, because that's the only mode the Strokes frontman has, but the dude can sing.

9. Stan Walker - Christmas remix

Who wouldn't want to be serenaded by Stan this holiday season?

10. Bob Dylan - It must be Santa

Based, apparently, on a German drinking song, this very unorthodox Christmas carol takes a bizarre twist near the end. Yes, even more bizarre than Bob Dylan in a Santa hat.

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