Goodrem's a child of the universe

20:04, Nov 14 2012

It's been a long time between albums for Australian pop princess Delta Goodrem. 

But Goodrem is back after five years, and this week she is on a special visit to New Zealand to talk up her new release, Child of the Universe.

She said the reason for the delay in new material is simple: she had a desperate need to live a life outside of recording booths and tour buses.

"I'm just one of those artists who makes their record and then jumps out and explores the world. I discover new theories about the world and then come back and reflect on them and I needed an extra year or two to change things in my life so I can come back and give everyone everything."

Child of the Universe is album number four for Goodrem, who first shot to fame on the Aussie soap Neighbours, before launching her music career.

Since then she has had both massive success, including 10 ARIA Awards, and huge lows.

Now at a reflective place in her life, she said the key is finding the balance between work and everything else.

"With music, it's amazing, but when there's a lot of people in one space, I just need to break free, do my own thing, travel the world and write songs, be a bit of a hippie and then structure it up again.

"As long as I'm being creatively fulfilled, I'm creatively feeling like I'm buzzing and feeling great about the songs and proud of the music, then I can handle everything else."

In her time away from the charts, Goodrem has spent time as a mentor on the Australian version of The Voice, the TV singing show that is, initially at least, based on talent rather than anything else.

She will also be appearing on New Zealand's Got Talent this Sunday, so is in a good place to reflect on what it means to get a start in the industry these days. It seems things are very different to when she signed her first record deal at the age of 15. 

"I only got into this for music. I wasn't a part of this new era where people got into it for anything else. So that's been an interesting phase to watch.

"You do notice, when you ask kids what they want to be when they grow up and they say things that you just think 'what? No, no'. 

"If you love something and you have something you want to share through music or art, or you want to be a sportsman or a doctor then go for it. But there's this new age of wanting to become famous - I can't even use that word, it is so weird to me - but I find it very funny."

Delta will drop by for a live chat on Stuff tomorrow at 12.30pm - be sure to come back and ask her your questions.


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