Rihanna's tour de chaos

IT STARTED OFF SO WELL: ZM's Marc Peard on the plane with Rihanna
IT STARTED OFF SO WELL: ZM's Marc Peard on the plane with Rihanna

What sounded like the trip of a lifetime - jetting around the world in a plane with superstar Rihanna - turned into an exercise in patience for about 200 journalists.

One of them, ZM Morning Crew's Marc Peard says the trip was marred by massive delays and disorganisation.

"You just can't control Rihanna," he says on the phone from New York, where the singer is scheduled to play her last of seven shows in seven cities in seven days tonight.

Journalists and fans have followed the Umbrella hitmaker from Mexico City to Toronto, Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, London and finally, the Big Apple. Many have complained about lack of sleep, food, delays, shaky performances and above all, lack of access to the star

"In London we were told to be in the lobby at 3am and bussed to the airport, only to wait there for five hours without any information," Peard said. Eventually it emerged that Rihanna was out shopping for lingerie.

"It felt like we were shoved into a cattle truck and shipped around," he says.

The journalists came close to starting a mutiny on board the 777. "In a seat behind me a South American reporter started to loudly demand a 'press conference,' and soon the whole plane was on their feet and chanting for Rihanna to come out."

Only her dancers and crew stopped the crowd from entering Rihanna's private cabin. Later they found out that she hadn't ever made it on the plane.

"Apparently she was too hungover and took a private jet instead," he said.  

The tour had started off promising last week with Rihanna joining the entourage in the cabin of the first flight to Mexico and pouring champagne in everybody's mouth. But that was pretty much the last time, the superstar showed herself until the last 10 minutes of the trip.

"The plane was about to land in New York, and Rihanna decided to make an appearance," the radio man, more commonly known to ZM listeners as New Hot Guy, says.

The whole lot of journalists scrambled over each other to get a glimpse while the captain urged them to sit down as they were literally three minutes away from landing.

"She finally showed her face but in a more annoying way because she held us up even more. She could have come out six hours earlier."

"In the end we got an extra round over New York, because the pilot couldn't land with everybody up and about."

In the meantime Rihanna has apologised for her chaotic tour. "I know you guys got barely any dirt. But I had to be good. I still sound like s***. It's impossible to spend time with everybody, and I'm sorry I didn't," she told UsWeekly.

Despite the hiccups Rihanna insists she would do it all again. Only next time she would spend more time with her fans.

"Normally, I'd be back here popping bottles with y'all... I had to preserve my voice. I was worried about my body more than partying on the plane, so I had to just sleep whenever I could," she says.

"I hope you guys had as much fun as I did."

That's quite doubtful. "When she appeard the last time and asked 'Is everybody ready to party', she was met with deafening silence," Peard says.

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