Ed Sheeran confirms he'll be in New Zealand 'soon'

Ed Sheeran is coming back to NZ!

Ed Sheeran is coming back to NZ!

Ed's coming back!

Only weeks away from the release of his third album, Ed Sheeran has released a video in which he tells Kiwis he'll be back soon.

The British musician is no stranger to New Zealand - he even came here for a belated "gap year".

On his "proper" Kiwi gap year, he ended up bungy jumping with Peter Jackson's daughter and getting a personal tour of Jackson's war memorabilia. 

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Sheeran said his next trip to New Zealand would be as part of a tour following his album release on March 3.

"See you soon. I'll be coming there soon for a tour," he said in a video posted by his record label.

Sheeran's label, Warners New Zealand, said "we are sure we will see him back here at some point soon".

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