Power failure interrupts Adele show

Adele blew fans away at Adelaide Oval in Australia - despite the power problem.

Adele blew fans away at Adelaide Oval in Australia - despite the power problem.

South Australia's energy gremlins found a new target on Monday, interrupting British singer Adele's concert at Adelaide Oval.  

Lights and backing music stopped working at the event, with the singer confirming the show was experiencing "technical difficulties" and calling on the gig's 70,000 attendees to tell a few jokes in the meantime.

She later revealed the culprit was the "revolving stage", which had pulled out electrical cables and cut power to the stage for about four minutes.

Still, the outage sparked quips galore on social media, with concertgoers pointing the finger at South Australia's notorious blackout problems.

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"This is just peak Adelaide," one fan wrote on Twitter.

"You sure it wasn't a solar panel or a wind farm?" Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis added, echoing attacks regularly levelled at the state's Labor government.

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill has been under consistent pressure to fix the state's energy problems, ever since severe storms sparked a statewide blackout last September, leaving 1.67 million residents without power.

The debate was reignited last week after billionaire Tesla founder Elon Musk pledged to solve SA's problems by delivering a giant battery system to the state within 100 days.  

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Weatherill and Koutsantonis are about to unveil the state's new energy strategy.

 - Brisbane Times


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